Hello to 29

In September, I turned 29! My first ever COVID, pandemic birthday! The first of many, right? Just kiddingggg (I hope haha). 

Friday, I did a zoo trip with my mom and sisters because my baby sister and I have birthdays two days apart! Saturday morning, Devin and I sipped pumpkin spice lattes around the table while the kids enjoyed donuts. When Riley woke up from her morning nap, we all ventured out to a local trail to take family pictures. MY BIRTHDAY, MY RULES. And I wanted family pictures with Riley in them! The last time we took photos was August 2019 and I was 7 weeks pregnant!

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Devin and I had a little date night (masked strolls through Ikea and Target!) thanks to my sister-in-law babysitting, which was a delight. And Sunday, we had barbecue with my in-laws and the PERFECT fall weather, ending the day with Devin and I sitting on a giant blanket in our yard with Riley crawling and Aiden and Emma playing happily in the setting sunshine. 

I had some amazingly life-giving (socially distant!) meet-ups with friends during the week, even though I would normally be inviting friends inside to celebrate. But alas, we are still only seeing family as normal, in order to keep the grandparents protected. Ah, the dynamics of a pandemic birthday. 

This year I'm excited for...

1. More day trips this fall to the beach!
2. Seeing Aiden, Emma, and Riley all interact more. 
3. Getting to go back to church, even though it will be masked and distant...
4. Our second Christmas in our new house. 
5. Family gatherings here, and spending quality, screen-free time together (which is definitely one thing COVID has taught me!)
6. Spring hikes and walks, and maybe the kids will be riding their bikes even better by then!
7. Another family vacation to somewhere near a beach and with a pool. (Suddenly my new favorite thing)

What are you excited for about the rest of this year? 
How would you/have you spent your birthday in this "new normal"?

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