How to Revive a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Once again, Aldi is the best grocery store ever and don't argue with me about that. Last month from Aldi, I got a very healthy, leafy fiddle leaf fig for SIX CASH DOLLARS, EVERYBODY. 

The 40+ Pinterest posts I read through made it very clear that they are tempermental plants, but I felt up for the challenge. I placed my new plant near-ish to a window, didn't over water it.........and then slowly it dropped almost every single leaf. This Instagram post shows how lucious it started out! So leafy! So full! 

And after a while, I was down to 2 leaves at the very top of the plant. That's it. Just two leaves. 

But since it only cost me $6 and I figured what the heck, I invested in two things that have worked a MIRACLE on my two-leaf, dried out fiddle leaf fig: 

This soil tester and fiddle leaf fig fertilizer.

The soil tester works great for all my plants, and the bottle of fertilizer will last me the entire rest of my life. You mix 1 teaspoon with 2 liters of water and then only water the plant like 1-2 times a week. So yeah, I'll never need to buy fertilizer again! Worth itttttttt. 

I used the fertilizer solution to water it 2x a week for the first month (til new leaves started to grow back!), and then dropped to using that solution once a week and regular tap water once a week. 

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What are some of your favorite house plants? 
What are you ordering online these days? 

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