a converted attic reno // the process

when devin and i bought our house, we focused on fixing up the rooms on the first floor since they'd get more use. we (and by we i mean devin and his dad, since i am unskilled) did the bathroom before we moved in, then our bedroom, then the kitchen, etc...we didn't even think about the upstairs (except to use it as storage. which is why you see so much furniture/STUFF that we had to move before we could paint & do the carpets!).

step 1: re-spackle the horrible spackle job the previous people did! (that's what the white splotches are.) there were so many bumps and uneven spots in the walls. 

step 2: get all that furniture out of the way! 

step 3: paint! 


see how sketchy the old hardwood floors were? no way to salvage those bad boys. tip: ALWAYS paint before doing the floors! it was SO nice to be able to paint and not worry about messing up the floor if there were drips/splatters. 

step 4: get new carpets!

this is just the rough renovation. next, we'll work on the details (baseboard, light fixtures, decorations, etc.). can't wait to share the finished finished space with you!

it's crazy what a difference new flooring and light-colored paint makes. what are your favorite ways to update a space? 

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