Currently | November 2018

07 November 2018

I missed last month's Currently link-up with Anne, and I almost missed this month's, too, except that I saw Rachel's post and realized it was this week. Yikes! So much for trying to plan out my blog posts during the month ;)

Though I'm still kind of sad that we aren't doing daily walks to our local pool anymore, I've been enjoying fall and consoling my I-miss-you-Summer self with Aldi's pumpkin spice creamer and Trader Joe's pumpkin coffee grounds. (No, no, it's not overkill.) The past few weeks my days have been filled with brunch with friends, trips to farms, and of course the random playground-playdate, which helps me feel less depressed about the fact it gets dark at 5 PM and now I have to stuff kids into jackets to leave the house. ;) This November, I'm looking forward to a friend's wine & cheese birthday party (kid freeeee!), more date nights, and Thanksgiving!!

Movie Monday (Or, My new favorite weekly tradition)

06 November 2018

It's no secret that Devin and I are huge fans of Friday date night. I've shared fall date night ideas, Christmas movie date nights, how we've brought a toddler on our dates, and how to brainstorm date night ideas. Spending a set-aside "date night" is important to us, but really, the point is that we're spending quality, real time together. So, besides getting out of the house for a fun activity on a weekend night, we have also started a weekly tradition that I love!

Movie Monday.

Exploring Local | Tabora Farms

01 November 2018

Kids and fall are great reasons to get out and visit places around me that I've never gone to before. We live just outside Philly (literally 5 minutes from the city limits), which puts us in a great spot to easily drive deeper into the suburbs for some things and head into the city for other things. You don't need kids as an excuse to visit a new place, though, so please don't write this off because there are adorable babies in the photos and that's not your thang. Instead, I hope it inspires you to see what's around that you've never been to before and helps you start making your own list of local places to explore!

For all you Philly area friends looking for more to do, I've already written about visiting Morris Arboretum in the fall, enjoying Maple Acres in the summer, kayaking at Peace Valley Park, and walking through Spruce Street Harbor Park, and wandering through the Elmwood Park Zoo

Emma Claire, the One-Year-Old

30 October 2018

This month it's been all about our little birthday girl! I shared the pumpkin patch party details on last Wednesday, and I'm back with some one year pictures I took.

If you told me last October/November that in a year, I'd have a sweet, chill one-year-old, I probably would not have believed you. Emma's reflux and ear infections in her first months of life had her screaming through the night. Not that she wasn't sweet back then....but chill? Nope. Not even a little.

And yet here we are.

We've not only survived, but we're having fun.