Homemade Everything Bagels

24 March 2020

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What to do with extra time on our hands, stuck at home? Try making something new! Making a new recipe was on my list for 8 productive/fun things to do while quarantined, so let me go ahead and share the best kind of new recipe with you: the very yummy carbs kind. Perhaps my nursing mama self had two of these fresh bagels the night we made them. Perhaps that is not the recommended dosage. Let's move on.

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8 Productive Things to Do When Stuck Inside

19 March 2020
What to do when you're stuck inside, whether that's because of the coronavirus or because it's winter! Here are some fun and productive things to help you enjoy the time stuck inside. // via @ahopefulhood

I want to feel productive.

I also want to have fun.

But I'm stuck inside/away from people for the next 14 days, or wait, maybe 8 weeks, or wait, maybe forever. Who knows. And after a few days of social isolation, it can really get to you! Your ideas list might be running low, your toddler craft supplies can only be cleaned up so many times before you lose your mind, and you need some inspiration.

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Moments with Three Kids

17 March 2020

Apparently it takes social quarantine to get a blog post written! Haha. If you want more ideas for what to do with toddlers while stuck at home (for the coronavirus or otherwise!), check out my list of simple, fun activities here.

I've sat down to write this post multiple times, and each time, I have had to jump up. Riley woke up from a nap in her crib, very hungry and ready to nurse. Aiden needed a hand in the bathroom. Emma wanted a cup of milk. And this was supposed to be everyone's nap/rest times! Haha.

But that's just what life looks like these days. It's veryyy chaotic, but it's such a joy.

Turning Your Plants Into More Plants

11 March 2020

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Whew, it's been a whirlwind over here with 3 kids, trying to do fun things, and catching up on laundry/dishes/dinner prep in all my free time. Riley still sleeps all day and I still can't seem to find a few extra moments to write blog posts and comment on other blogs! What am I gonna do when she's awake more during the day?! Anyway, let's move on from my blogging incapabilities to all the plant things. 

Last week I shared three plants that are basically unkillable: the spider plant, pothos, and philodendron...but for all us beginners, there's more reasons to love them besides the fact that they are so easy to keep alive! Pinterest has long lists of "easy houseplants," but starting with these will allow you to grow your selection of plants even more.

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