How to Revive a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Once again, Aldi is the best grocery store ever and don't argue with me about that. Last month from Aldi, I got a very healthy, leafy fiddle leaf fig for SIX CASH DOLLARS, EVERYBODY. 

The 40+ Pinterest posts I read through made it very clear that they are tempermental plants, but I felt up for the challenge. I placed my new plant near-ish to a window, didn't over water it.........and then slowly it dropped almost every single leaf. This Instagram post shows how lucious it started out! So leafy! So full! 

Snapshots from our Quarantine-cation

 Whew, it's been a MINUTE since I finally hit publish on a blog post! Happy September, I guess?! 

This summer, we booked an Airbnb with a pool in Chesapeake, Virginia and drove the 6-ish hours down for a little vacation, quarantine-style. We had lazy pool days at the Airbnb, we ventured out in non-peak times to Virginia Beach, and we walked on trails near the rental house. 

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Our Riley Kirsten // 6 months

WHAT A FUN STAGE WE ARE IN. I am seriously loving this 4-6 month age. Riley started solids, and I remembered how much I love making baby food. Even if by "making baby food" right now only means "scooping chunks out of an avocado to put in front of her." We're doing a mix of baby-led weaning and feeding her, which I can share more on if anyone cares! Haha.

 Riley started pushing up into the crawling position around 4 months, and then by 5 months she was squirming forward in the army crawl. Now, she pushes herself up into the sitting position all by herself, and she even does these CRAZY splits where her feet are flat on the ground. It's wild. Of course I have no photos of that, but check out my Instagram stories for videos of it!

I'm going to link to a few things we're using nonstop, but as always, check Facebook marketplace or the local thrift store first! Everyone is always trying to get rid of baby gear and lots of the things I've seen have been barely used.


Aiden and Emma are still so in love with her. Now that Riley's started crawling around (thankfully very slowly), she sometimes starts heading for one of the older kids' toys. And Emma will swoop in and go "NO RILEY THAT TOY IS TOO HARD" and she'll immediately go give Riley a soft baby toy instead. This even happens when I'm in the room, totally fine with the large, not sharp Magnatile that Riley is crawling towards. (Emma clearly doesn't trust my parenting haha!). And multiple times a day, Aiden will cuddle up close to Riley and give her hugs and kisses, all on his own. He is so sweet to her, and is genuinely happy to be around her, even though she's just a baby who can't play with him. He talks to her in a little baby voice, which sounds annoying but is actually THE CUTEST. My heart is so full.

What cute things (or people!) have brightened up your summer?

Banana + PB Summer Smoothie

My new goal was to try and avoid TWO cups of coffee each day. And just have one. And by "cups" I mean double lattes. Thanks to a baby that wakes up a few times a night, I've justified drinking four espressos a day. YIKES. 

At the recommendation of a friend, I've started making smoothies that have a ton of vegetables in them: celery, kale, spinach, zucchini, cucumbers, super healthy green things etc. etc. etc. 

This is not that. 

There are sneaky greens in here you can't even taste, but it's very sweet and the kids LOVE it. 

I tell them this is actually called a "Curious George Smoothie." Bananas, a monkey, you get it. 

What you need:
  1. 1-2 cups of milk (1 cup if the bananas aren't frozen, more like 2 if they are)
  2. 4 tbsp peanut butter
  3. 3 bananas (bonus points if they are frozen! Makes it creamier)
  4. 1 handful of spinach
  5. 1/8 cup chopped chocolate chips
P.S. I've been eyeing this Ninja blender because I'm newly obsessed with the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker/slow cooker/air fryer...and why not just use Ninja everying? My 4-year-old who loves actual ninjas agrees. 😉(Affiliate links)

What recipes are you trying this summer?

(Socially Distant!) Summer Bucket List

It's halfway through July and we've done lots of fun things, but I want to try and add some extra things to our calendar! Things are starting to re-open around us, and lots of friends are doing play dates, but we are still living that quarantine life because of the grandparents in our circle. (Sorry to keep repeating myself, just wanted to reiterate that it's not because of fear of Covid that we're staying away from people, haha!)

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