Joy in the Snowfall

Last week, we had probably our last big snow of the season. When Riley went down for her nap, Aiden, Emma and I headed out for some last big snowy fun before it melted later in the week. This has been a fun year of snow almost every week for a month...and while I normally hate how the snow makes travel difficult and cancels events I want to go to, in a pandemic world, there's nothing to miss out on because of a snowstorm! 

Plus, the kids love it. 

Well, the big kids. 😆

Happy 5th Birthday, Aiden

Dear Aiden, 

Days after your little sister Riley turned one, you turned F I V E. And because I can't help but look you are at 1 year / 3 years / 4 years. (Apparently I didn't write about you turning two? Maybe because Emma was 4 months old and life was crazy!)

January babies are so sweet because it's cold out and you can stay home and snuggle your little one without missing out on all the fun summer plans (who has winter plans??? No one, right?). So, thank you for making January festive and fun, forever!

Our Riley Kirsten // 12 Months

A whole year with Riley?! Just like that, SHE. IS. ONE. Here is Riley's birth story, (gah! newborn Riley! so little!), and here's Riley at 3 months, 6 months, and sort of around 9 months

She's in such a fun stage of crawling fast, pulling up on everything, trying to take her first steps (which hasn't happened yet). She babbles nonsense words but then has started saying "baby," "dada," and "YES" consistently. She's sturdy enough to hang with the big kids in their room as they play, and she's great at going up and down stairs on her own. 

Advice from A Second-Time Homeowner

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Buying our second house was SO MUCH EASIER than buying our first house.

Let me back up. 

Devin and I were 19, engaged, and looking to buy a house to live in as newlyweds. We had some money saved and didn't want to rent an apartment if we could find a small, cheap house to buy. But you know what you need to buy your first house? Good credit, credit history, and a company willing to give you a mortgage. 

Though Devin made good money as an electrician and I was finishing up college to become a teacher (remember when I ended up teaching high school Spanish?!), and we had money for a small down payment, the interest rates on the high-risk mortgages were going to make owning a home unaffordable. We literally had ZERO credit history...oops!

Christmas at the Hood House | 2020

Me, to myself: Don't let the Internet tell you that you need to spend a ton of money on Christmas decorations. 

Me, on the Internet: Here are my Christmas decorations!!