Playroom Organization

This might be a total joke if you've seen my kids' rooms and the playroom, because those rooms are USUALLY messy. The toys are everywhere, totally mixed up. (Seriously! See below for what the playroom generally looks like before we clean.) But those few days when the kids clean up with me, there is a specific system that helps them know where things need to go. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner, it's a great time to sort through what we have and what can be given away. 

Before we jump in, let me admit that this is my least-often shown corner of my house. It's not cute or trendy, because I'll be the first to admit: we have too many toys. But while simplicity might not be my strong suit (thanks, two sets of local grandparents!), there are a few things I've learned from mom friends about how to store the toys you have. 

Getting Ready for Cozy Holidays

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Normally I'm a strict no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving type of girl because I want to keep gratitude front and center for as long as we can, leading up to Thanksgiving! But this has been a weird year and (in case Pennsylvania has another full-on shut down!) I've even started Christmas shopping. WHICH IS SOMETHING I NEVER DO IN NOVEMBER. 

Thankful List 2020

This is something I've shared in past years and it just felt right to write it up now, instead of Thanksgiving week. Tense election weeks should end with grateful lists, can we at least agree on that? 

One of my kids' first memory verses was what Paul wrote in Ephesians: to always give thanks to God. (Read that whole chapter of Ephesians here.) I LOVE that we have a season to reflect on this idea, the idea of being content in a world that constantly shows us ads of cute things that say we don't have enough already. 

Plus when it's been a hard year of feeling isolated at times, frustrated, misunderstood, or whatever you and I might be feeling...I'm just going to take a minute to step back, get some perspective, and be a little extra thankful. 

Currently | November 2020

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Happy November! It's only Wednesday but voting yesterday made the week feel really big. (Can you describe a week as "really big?" Hmmm. Let's move on.) All October, I was LOVING the gorgeous fall leaves here in Pennsylvania, and now that it's November I'm loving the crisp air and the season of gratitude!

I'm jumping in with Anne on my favorite link-up, because it's so fun to look back and see what my Novembers looked like in years past: 
2019 (super pregnant with Riley | 2018 (crockpot soups!) | 2017  (newborn Emma!) | 2016 (Etsy shop!)

(Air Fried!) Savory Pumpkin Seeds

It's been a weird season for me of wanting to be creative, spending lots of time outside and off my phone (despite all the photos I snap and post later! haha!), and not blogging even though I want to. So if you are reading this, I'm grateful for you! Thanks for sticking around and being so kind to read this oft-foresaken corner of the internet. 

And yet here I am, blogging finally! 

I'm sitting at my computer, literally eating these pumpkin seeds as I write this. I have to put them away or I'll eat them all in one sitting! These are a really quick-to-make snack and apparently are full of nutrients.

We had an extra "baking" pumpkin sitting around from Emma's birthday decorations (which I never blogged about! Oops!), so I decided to chop it open and let the kids play with the squishy insides......and they hated it! I was left with a chopped open pumpkin and all the guts. I googled a few different recipes, and then decided my air fryer would be easiest! If you don't have an air fryer, no worries: you can put them in the oven like a peasant. 😉