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My blog's been quiet for a while because I haven't felt like posting recipes or summer fun while there's still so much heavy on my mind (racism, quarantine, people who say Covid's not even real, etc.). BUT HERE I AM. Trying to get back in the swing of things. Because I'm sure I'll want to look back and see what a quarantine-ish summer looked like! I'd love to hear from you in the comments: what are you up to these days?

So, borrowing these things from Anne's post, here's what I've been currently...

This cilantro lime shredded chicken recipe that's both summery AND made in the crockpot!

Father's Day Interview for Toddlers + Free Printable

I am such a fan of the questions you ask your kids to get their adorable, candid, ridiculous answers. There are printouts like these all over Pinterest, because it's so fun to see the careless, silly and sometimes insightful things little ones say! That's the reason I've also posted some of the funny things Aiden has said over the years (Things Aiden Says Vol. 6 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 1.)

At Thanksgiving, I had fun coming up with a printable to let the kids draw what they were thankful for, and it was a fun activity for them. So why not do the same thing for Father's Day? Hopefully the design makes it less cheesy to hang on your wall for the month (which is my plan!). If you have a printer ready for color, use this printable. Otherwise, enjoy the black and white version we used!

Our 8th Anniversary

Our 8th anniversary came during a week of protests, riots, and looting here in Philly, and in the middle of a pandemic. There was so much going on in the world, and Devin and my hearts were heavy with the pain of injustice and brokenness. To add to the more serious world issues, on our actual anniversary, an insane thunderstorm ripped through our area and took out our power and shattered our glass table on our back deck. We literally spent hours picking up glass from the deck and the grass around it, because high winds + shattered glass = KIDS YOU HAVE TO WEAR SHOES OUTSIDE FOREVER BECAUSE IT'S BURIED IN THE GRASS AND HOW WILL I PICK IT ALL UP. Then, Devin tried for hours to get our generator up and running.

Not exactly the most fun anniversary.

But in spite of the ridiculously bad week that our anniversary fell on, it's been an incredible year of marriage. Year 8 was a good one: we moved to a new house, FINALLY sold the old one, had Riley, and laughed together a lot.

Happy Birthday, Devin

Welcome to 28, Devin!

You're the perfect balance of strict and fun in parenting. Emma runs to greet you when you get home from work, but Aiden and Emma know you're the one who won't let them get away with things (like whining or complaining!). You're even good with babies, which is a huge deal. You change just as many diapers as I do when you're home, and you're incredible at keeping Riley happy on your lap so I can eat my dinner without a mildly upset baby in my arms. (If that's not true love, what is?!)

Faith-inspiring Favorites for Kids

**Affiliate links present. Thank you to Little Image-Bearers for the chance to review your show!

How can I start conversations with my kids about things that really matter? How do I help my toddlers understand God's grace? I find myself wondering this often. I don't always have answers for Aiden's questions about why the Philistines didn't want to follow God and that's why David was fighting Goliath. And while I really want to teach them the Bible, I can easily get caught up in the day-to-day dishes/laundry/get the kids outside to play. That's why having entertaining things that are also spiritually deep is so helpful!

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Let's just pause for a second: I'm definitely not a Christian hermit (Emma's hair will never reach her waist and my kids will go to public school! 😉). Aiden and Emma regularly start conversations about the plot points of Moana and Frozen II, and we read lots of random fun books (I may or may not have Click Clack Moo memorized!). BUT.  alongside the fun, I want my kids to enjoy things that talk about God and help them grow in their understanding of him. 

With this goal, I have come up with a list of tried-and-true recommendations that have helped me engage my kids around God, his Word, and how to live for him. 

Tools to help teach your kids the gospel: 
  1. Little Image-Bearers (brand new show!), season one. My blog friend Abbey and her husband have created this show that teaches young kids about who God is, how he made us, and more! It's a little slower-paced than the Disney+ movies my kids are used to, but Emma (and I!!) honestly loved it. There's actual verses, fun visits with painters and potters, puppets, etc. Get the DVD or stream it online!