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17 August 2018
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I've been bad at posting regularly this summer (orrrr, ever since I had baby numero dos a.k.a. Emmy girl) but that's because real life > blog life, though I still love blogging and reading people's posts. Are you allowed to love something even if you don't do it very often? I'm going with yes.

Instead of blogging........I've been busy reading books to my kids, making snacks they'll eat half of, doing pool days and play dates, visiting the Philly children's museum (it's called the Please Touch Museum which is actually a way cooler name than "the children's museum" which is what other cities call theirs, I think...?), reading (I KNOW! I AM READING!), hanging out with my wonderful friends, watching The Office with my husband, etc.

Kayaking at Peace Valley Park

10 August 2018

Last Friday, Devin and I borrowed his parents' kayak and headed out on a date. Devin looked up a park near us that had a river, and I thought that that was our plan. But when we dropped off our kids with my sister-in-law and her husband to babysit, they told us that you couldn't actually kayak there, and that we'd be better of at Peace Valley.

That simple change in plan felt like a big deal to me--suddenly I was like, should we even go? Peace Valley is a little further, which means more wasted time driving, and we don't even know if the borrowed kayak has a permit and what if a park ranger doesn't let us in......We went to the trouble of scheduling babysitters, and it felt like high stakes: the one evening a week we spend just us (though we've done "dates" with a toddler in tow) might go totally awry.

Blended Black Bean & Corn Dip

07 August 2018

We hung out with our church small group this past weekend, and we had appetizers and desserts while the little kids splashed in a kiddie pool and the adults played corn hole and talked. It was so fun, and the focus wasn't food, which is why it was a safe time to try out this dip that I "invented" (shut up, I know black bean dip is a thing! But I literally just tried all these ingredients together based on what I thought might be good, without consulting other recipes first!! So that makes me the recipe inventor, right? Right?!)

Currently | August 2018

01 August 2018

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Happy August!!! Calm down, everyone, summer doesn't end til September 22 so we still have lots of it left (and with it I'll be trying to check these gathering ideas off my list!). The past TWO WEEKS, rain has been in every day's forecast. What does that really mean? Well, for all the fun outdoor things I want to do, I have to have a ready-to-implement plan b. (Plan A, every day: go to the pool. Plan B: invite people over or visit a new library and pretend to not be bitter at allllll that the rain ruined your pool plans. It's fine. I'm fine.)

I love these little glimpses into what life's been like recently, and I'm linking up with Anne from In Residence. As always, I'm including some photos of Aiden & Emma because I love seeing how they're growing together! (And these happened to be the only recent ones I've taken

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