Wait, This Isn't A Tree Farm (And Learning to Just Go With It)

12 December 2018

So, there was this one time I tried to go to a tree farm with a friend (mostly to take cute tree farm pictures), which didn't make it into my general Currently December post. When we looked it up, we saw that there was a "tree farm" only 30 minutes away. Let me take a moment here to say that some websites are well done and some really creatively taken marketing photos can be DECEIVING.

This was not a tree farm.

Toddler Stocking Stuffers (Under $10)

07 December 2018
Toddler Stocking Stuffers for less than $10, and won't drive parents crazy! These gifts are all fun AND/OR useful, and toddlers will love them! #toddlers #momlife #Christmas #giftguide

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Let's talk about kids presents at Christmas. The temptation for us parents is to buy our kids everythingggg, when, in reality, they don't need much! If money is tight this year, just skip the big expensive gifts fill a stocking with actually useful and genuinely fun things. None of these are crappy dollar-store toys that'll be in the trash by New Year's. All of these ideas are things I am getting or am considering getting for Aiden & Emma's stockings this year, since they're almost-3 and 1. If you don't have kids, then use these suggestions for what to get your friend's kid this Christmas. She'll love that you thought of her little one (and didn't buy them some obnoxious noise-making toy that needs batteries) and a $5 gift for a toddler won't break the bank, either. :)

I also have a list of kids books that don't suck, if you'd rather gift a book to a little one!

Useful & fun toddler stocking stuffer ideas: 

  1. Crayola Bath Dropz (currently $4.19 at Target!)

  2. Play Doh (can you believe this 10-pack is only $8 and ships FREE?)

  3. A water bottle that's ACTUALLY NONSPILL like this Contigo autospout kids one with a button that pops out a straw, or a Camelbak Eddy kids bottle

  4. Draw with water coloring pad...a.k.a. mess-free coloring!

  5. Paw Patrol pocket tissue packs (useful and adorable and maybe the toddlers will let me blow their noses now that I've got special packs of tissues?)

  6. Healthy snacks that toddlers actually love. My kids go NUTS for the Happy Baby organic blueberry-beet flavored rice cakes. It's crazy. They fight over them. Who'd have thunk?! (And Happy Baby isn't even paying me to talk about them. My kids just love it so dang much I had to include it!)

  7. Fun Christmas socks (and these come in multiples, so will I be ordering one pack and dividing them up between Aiden and Emma? YASSS.)

  8. This $7 flash light--perfect for lighting up the forts we build every.single.day. 

Toddler Stocking Stuffers for less than $10, and won't drive parents crazy! These gifts are all fun AND/OR useful, and toddlers will love them! #toddlers #momlife #Christmas #giftguide

What are some of your favorites to get in your Christmas stocking? What little gifts have you loved in the past? 

Currently | December 2018

05 December 2018

Joy to the woooooooorld...it's December and I'm drinking peppermint mocha coffee and let's talk about all things festive! I would be 100% ok with worship services where you sing ONLY Christmas carols, every Sunday in December. All I want is to belt out the classic carols with the old people in pews around me doing their harmonies. (Do old people sing hymns in harmonies at your church? Is this just an old person thing? ANYWAY! I digress. Let's blame the coffee I can't stop sipping.)

I have not done ONE festive thing with my little ones besides decorating our tree, but that is going to change! We're going to make memories decorating gingerbread cookies (shoutout to my mother-in-law who gave me a kit of PREMADE gingerbread man cookies WITH DECORATING SUPPLIES. She wins all the points!!). I also want to take them to see some lights, act out Matthew & Luke's telling of Jesus' birth story, and do more Christmas crafts. Are you doing festive stuff too? (Share your suggestions in the comments!)

5 Soups To Try This Winter

04 December 2018

I don't love cooking, but I do love a cozy, warm dinner that took VERY little effort. And can be made all in one pot. And sneaks in vegetables so the kids (and me, too, let's be honest) don't even notice.

Really, I could have called this post "let's get lazy with cooking in December" because that's actuallyyyy what this post is about: minimal effort to make something yummy.

Here are 5 soups to make this winter: