How to Spend A Morning When Your Oldest Goes to Preschool

19 February 2019

Aiden has been BEGGING me to go to school, so when he turned three in January, I signed him up for the most adorable playgroup where some of our friends already had their sons enrolled. Aiden's only doing one morning a week, because I'm cheap and he doesn't reallyyy need to be in school yet. But now me and Emma have some girl time, just us, and what in the world are we supposed to do with it?!

Take pictures in the snow.

(After crushinggg it at Aldi and getting everything for a week's meals in under 20 mins.)

Tips for Transitioning From One to Two Kids

14 February 2019

Having one baby changed your life. You were suddenly in charge of a little life, and that meant feeding them. Keeping them from crying (and thus melting your brain). Loving them. Doing fun things with them.

And then, you found out you're going to have another baby. 

How crazy can having two kids be? you may wonder. I kept one alive and happy, so surely I can do it all again. 

You're right, friend. You totally can do it all again. But let me warn you: IT WILL BE CRAZY.

(Aren't new things always crazy though? Starting a brand new job, moving to a new place, having that first baby. Whether your kids are one year apart or 7 years apart: it will be a wild transition, just because it's something new.)

Galentine's Day 2019

12 February 2019

What's better than brunch? Brunch with all your girlfriends! Last year, I had a small Galentine's Day gathering, and this year, lots more people were available to come. My little house was filled with friends from all stages of my life--childhood friends, church friends, high school friends, and college friends. And you never know how mixed groups of friends will get along or if there will be long awkward silences, but that didn't happen! It was just such a nice, chill time of eating food and painting our nails and talking about random things, from jobs to traveling to local biking trails.

All the food I made the day before, and then popped it in the oven Saturday morning before people came over. Chopping fruit, making (heart-shaped!) pancakes, scrambling eggs and sauteing potatoes + beans (for breakfast tacos)...I'm telling you, it is the lazy person's breakfast menu. So easy!!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

07 February 2019

This is just another iteration of our kitchen. When we were newlyweds and poor, we ripped out the 1970s cabinets and installed hand-me-down cabinets from Devin's parents. Plz go look at that post and just laugh with me. We installed super enormous gray tile on the floor, which was a huge mistake because the tile was uglyyyy and Devin had never done tile before so it came out looking bumpy (sorry, Dev! It's not your fault!). Then, we grouted our subway tile backsplash with white grout (another ugly mistake), so Devin redid the entire backsplash with new subway tile and GRAY grout one weekend last year.

So ya see, this is like the 5th version of our kitchen! We still plan on getting new countertops (I'm open to suggestions if you have any!), so that will be the 6th and final version of the kitchen.

More of our home renovation projects (with hilariously bad pictures!):