Thoughts on Turning Twenty-Seven

20 September 2018

I'm really excited to be turning 27 today. I get the sense from friends that creeping towards your 30th birthday is stressful or looming, somehow. That when you get to your late 20s, you need to have "accomplished" a lot, or have some humblebrag-worthy career, or have filled a passport with all your travels. Am I making all this up? Or have you gotten this impression too?

I don't feel any of that pressure to have been wildly successful by 30, or know exactly what life should look like.

I'm thrilled to be 27, headed right towards my late twenties. Even if I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Exploring Local | Maple Acres Farm

14 September 2018

 Just a few days ago, we were sweating as we walked through a local farm, and now I'm wearing rain boots and long pants and sipping hot coffee. (Ok, September, I see you with those weather-mood swings.)

Last week, we didn't have a babysitter for our typical Friday date night, so instead, we all headed out for a little adventure as a family (this Friday night outing more along the lines of my date night with a toddler post. And, if you want a laugh, read my post on date night from 2013!)

Baby Girl Birthday Inspiration

07 September 2018

My little Emmy girl is turning one next month, so we're going to have family over for her birthday! Aiden's lowkey first birthday was such fun (and only cost about $40!) , and we had 2 separate parties for each side of the family since our house is TINY and it had to be inside (January Bday Probs). Since Emma turns one in October, I am looking forward to having the whole fam over and hosting in our yard! Howeverrrr. 

Children's Books You Won't Mind Reading 50x A Day

31 August 2018

*Affiliate links present*

Happy Friday! I've published a few Friday Favorites lists, and recently I shared 5 random things I'm enjoying that you might like, too. This list is a little more concentrated.........around books. GOOD books. For your kids. 

These are not your "A is for Apple" boring, plain books for babies. No, no. These are books for your baby + toddler that you won't mind reading 50+ times per day, because they are ACTUALLY well-written. At first, the one-year-old you're buying them for might not be super interested. For Aiden (who's 2.5 now), he started actually listening to sorta-long books around a year and a half. The books on this list either have humor, a fun plot, good illustrations, and/or a great writing style. I genuinely don't mind reading these over and over, and from now on I want to get books for all our turning-one friends' babies!