Neutral Nursery For Baby 3

14 January 2020

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The theme of this nursery is, once again, "bedroom." I made that joke when I was setting up Aiden's nursery (let's have a laugh at the photo quality and my "home decor style" from back then! Ha!!). Just like when I put together his nursery at the old house exactly four years ago, I don't have any woodland creatures. I don't have any florals. I don't have any real theme other than "this is a bedroom."

But since blogger requires a post title, me and my wild burst of inspired creativity have decided to call this a "neutral nursery."

39 Weeks | A Coffee Date

09 January 2020

Hello, 39 weeks! And Happy New Year to everyone else who isn't celebrating the weekly mile markers of incubating a small human inside them.

As it turns out, having your entire family get sick with the flu is  GREAT way to combat the third-trimester impatience of "WHEN IS THIS BABY GOING TO GET HERE." For 7 days straight, my kids were sick, and somewhere in there both Devin and I caught their fever/cough/runny nose symptoms. In one week, I have used Target Drive Up three times to get essentials like juice, flonase, 14 boxes of lotion-infused issues, and other sickness-related items. I'm sure the employees there were bringing my items out to my car, just wishing they could toss them from afar because clearly I have the plague.

6 Prep-Ahead Breakfasts for Christmas Morning

20 December 2019

I have a Ron Swanson level of appreciation for breakfast. No, I don't have a poster of breakfast foods displayed in my office (and not because I don't have an office). But I do think that breakfast foods + brunch are God's gift to me personally, and that everyone should love breakfast as much as I do.

That being said, on Christmas morning, I don't want to spend a long time fixing something yummy in the kitchen. Alone. While my cute little kids and super hot husband do other fun things. Without me. While I cook.

So to make more time for being with my people, eliminate the cooking time, and still get to eat a great breakfast on Christmas morning, I've devised this list of breakfasts that can be prepped ahead of time and, when necessary, baked the morning of. (Very selfish of me, I know.)

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Easy Christmas Cookie-Baking With Kids

17 December 2019

Last year, my sister-in-law and I made Christmas cookies with 4 kids under 3 (my two kids, her little one, plus a friend I was babysitting). While it was really FUN, my table was left with 58 pounds of caked-on flour, the cookies were mediocre, and the clean-up process took 85 years. I didn't take pictures (hello, there were 3 one-year-olds around!!!) and I didn't even blog about it.

This year, we were back: a little wiser and a lot more prepared for making the experience less messy and even more fun! It genuinely was a way more laid back time, and the cookies came out super minimal cleanup. It might have been that instead of last year's one-year-olds, we now had two capable two-year-olds alongside Aiden who's almost four (and her new little baby bounced happily next to us!). But it also might have been that we (ok, mostly my sister-in-law) had come up with some sanity-saving ideas that were a wonderful success.

I still didn't take any pictures, but that was because we were having too much fun and because we ate our cookies too dang fast! (And NOT because we were cleaning up 200 pounds of flour like last year.) Maybe next year I'll have kids-making-cookies action shots? 😉

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