Sourdough Soft Pretzels for Less than $1

Hopefully it's made very clear that I am PRETZEL OBSESSED. I shared this pretzel bites recipe (after my first pretzel twists looked terrible) which is shockingly easy. And in case you're like me and want a challenge (and also love your sourdough starter), let's talk about how delicious and inexpensive sourdough soft pretzels are!

Easter Memory Verse Cards for Toddlers


I have been loving this Easter/Lent season with a five-year-old and three-year-old. They are really getting it and asking good questions (at breakfast this morning, Emma asked about the blood on the doorposts in Passover!). As we read through the Gospel's retellings of Jesus entering Jerusalem, his trial, his death and resurrection, there are key verses that stick out that encapsulate such truth for the kids to latch onto. Also, yes, I do try and weave as much gospel truth as I can into our everyday fun, seen here (but please laugh with me at how much I streeeetch to make that happen! haha!)

We're also (still!) enjoying This Is The Gospel by the team at Kids Read Truth, and here are even more faith-inspiring favorites for kids

DIY Garden Starters with Kids

This is a really budget-friendly spring activity to try with your kids, and it will lead to your own selection of fresh veggies! Last summer, I had my first ever vegetable garden. Up til last summer, I thought vegetable gardens were ugly and why would you want that in your outdoor space?! Flower gardens? Pretty. Spindly vegetable plants? No thanks. 

And then I realized how EXCITING it is to see your little seeds sprout, to plant those sprouts in the ground, and to gather fresh cucumbers a few months later. 

Now, I'm hooked. 

Joy in the Snowfall

Last week, we had probably our last big snow of the season. When Riley went down for her nap, Aiden, Emma and I headed out for some last big snowy fun before it melted later in the week. This has been a fun year of snow almost every week for a month...and while I normally hate how the snow makes travel difficult and cancels events I want to go to, in a pandemic world, there's nothing to miss out on because of a snowstorm! 

Plus, the kids love it. 

Well, the big kids. 😆

Happy 5th Birthday, Aiden

Dear Aiden, 

Days after your little sister Riley turned one, you turned F I V E. And because I can't help but look you are at 1 year / 3 years / 4 years. (Apparently I didn't write about you turning two? Maybe because Emma was 4 months old and life was crazy!)

January babies are so sweet because it's cold out and you can stay home and snuggle your little one without missing out on all the fun summer plans (who has winter plans??? No one, right?). So, thank you for making January festive and fun, forever!