5 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

07 November 2019

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Today I'm officially 30 weeks, and the single-digit count-down to the baby's due date has begun. (Please, baby girl, come early!).  I wrote a post years ago when I was pregnant with Aiden about the healthy snacks I was trying to eat more of. And here I am, back again to share more yummy things that I've been enjoying this pregnancy that are also of some nutritional value. If I can eat healthy during the day, it doesn't feel like such a failure to eat tacquitos and pretzels once the kids go to bed. So that's where my goal of healthy snacking came from! (Pretty much just a reason to indulge in the less-good-for-you things after 7 PM 😉)

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Healthy pregnancy snacks I'm currently loving: 

  1. CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders. These protein-rich snacks aren't greasy, because they're breaded with cauliflower and baked, not fried. Plus, there's only 490 calories in the whole bag! It's made with antibiotic-free, cage-free all-natural chicken, and it's a protein-rich snack that actuallyyyyy tastes great. It bakes in about 15 minutes, and I'm newly obsessed with their spicy-ish flavor. Use this link for $2 off a bag of CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders (and I vote you try the spicy-ish flavor!!). 

  2. Baked sweet potato + sharp cheddar. I microwave the sweet potato for about 3 minutes, then pop it in the oven at 400 for another 5-10 minutes (depending how giant the sweet potato is). Then, I cut it in half, put sharp cheddar cheese inside, and close it back up so the cheese melts. Easy, and packed with vitamin A. 

  3. Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins. "How are these healthy?!" you might wonder. But instead of using flour + sugar, the recipe is honey and chickpeas! THIS SOUNDS GROSS.  And I promise it's not. My sister made these and now I'm determined to make myself a batch! It's chickpeas, eggs, honey, PB, chocolate chips, etc. 

  4. Trail mix, of course. Mix two types of nuts, raisins, and a few pretzels for an easy, make-ahead snack full of protein and healthy fats. 

  5. Avocado toast. I toast whole grain bread and use about a 4th of an avocado mashed and spread on the toast. Super easy!

What snacks are you loving these days (healthy or not!)?

Currently | November 2019

05 November 2019

**This post was sponsored by Bump Boxes and includes affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Yay for a month of gratitude and a little trip and Thanksgiving! I'm not quite as hype about November as I am about September (not even the slightest bit sorry about that!), but it's still fall, we can go outside, and if I look hard enough, I can still find pumpkin-flavored things at the grocery store. See my Instagram Stories for all the Aldi season favorites I've found this fall!

I love these monthly check-in linkups, thanks to Anne at In Residence.

Currently, I've been...

Things to add to my "grateful" list this year. I'm going to blog more about that later, but this month I want to take time to consistently thank God for the big things and the little things.

Out the new Bump Boxes subscription! For all you pregnant mamas out there, they send you a customized box of goodies based on when you're due. This month, I got incredible cooling lotion (that says it's for your feet but could be used anywhere!), anti-stretch mark cream that was unscented and not greasy (love!), a back massage roller, a make-up bag, and a face mask. All of these things are something I'd genuinely use, and it was so fun to get a box of goodies in the mail. My kids were SUPER into the idea of "presents" arriving, and they helped me open it....and I (like a rookie mom) let them throw the recyclable packing papers all over because they wanted to have a "snowball fight." So actually maybe Bump Boxes served two purposes: gifts for me and entertainment for the kids?

Neutral Nursery Inspiration

25 October 2019

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Hello, 28 weeks A.K.A. THIRD TRIMESTER!! I am sharing a few "Friday favorites" here just to keep myself focused on getting the baby's room all ready. I know the final few weeks are going to sneak up on me, so I made this little checklist for myself.

I've come a longggg way since putting Aiden's nursery together 4 years ago...and instead of hang a DIY-packed gallery wall of random stuff (my plan for his nursery!), I'll hang a few simple, larger items like a circle mirror and something with baby girl's name on it or a verse. Baby girl's nursery will have a closet to hide away our storage of diapers, extra wipes, and bins of extra clothes... unlike the old house's nursery which had custom shelves Devin made me when the room was my "office."

Preparing to be a Mom of Three

22 October 2019

Since having a three-year-old and a one-year-old, it's really easy for me to be so focused on them that I forget to really prepare for this new baby's arrival. But in a few short months, she'll be here! She!! (Still getting used to the fact we're having another GIRL!)

Most of my day IS centered on mothering two toddlers: cutting up cucumber sticks. Reminding Emma not to screech but to USE YOUR WORDS when she's mad. Asking Aiden to use the bathroom before we leave. Checking in that don't your shoes feel weird when they're on the wrong feet? And now I'm going to add one more to the mix?! How can I prepare for THAT?!