Things Aiden Says, Vol. 5

16 July 2019

Thank you to everyone who commented and messaged me about our pregnancy announcement! I know it was a little strange to be so dark and vulnerable in such happy news, but you all are just the sweetest and thank you for your kind words of sympathy, joy, and encouragement.

One of the most fun parts of motherhood has been getting to see Aiden's thinking and speaking develop from when two-year-old Aiden said would say "Emma leche" about newborn Emma nursing. Now, we have intellectual conversations about good versus evil, what makes bad guys bad, and other topics I don't have answers for. 

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Our Tie-breaker Baby

11 July 2019

We have some exciting news--this January we'll have a new little one in the family! I am calling this little baby our "tie-breaker" baby, since we've got one boy and one girl already (or was "tie-breaker baby" super self-explanatory already? haha). Aiden and Emma both LOVE babies and are super gentle with infants, so I'm so thrilled they'll get to have a baby to love!

Tips for Moving With Kids

09 July 2019

We have lived in our new house for about 2 weeks, so the moving day memories are still fresh in my mind. We've got three-year-old Aiden and one-year-old Emma, which only made moving "more fun" (more complex). Before we actually moved, it felt like an impossible task! Yes, packing things with the kids around was tough--they wanted to play with me, or they played with each other and needed a referee every 0.3 seconds. Yes. That made it harder to be productive. During naptime and evenings, we packed things away, and come moving day, things went really smoothly! The only thing that was tough was trying to show people where things went at the new house (see tips below under moving day!!). Anyway, all that being said, moving to a new house with kids is totally possible even though it is a big undertaking.

Summer 2019 Staples

05 July 2019

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How was your 4th of July yesterday?!

I'm writing this on the 4th while the kids nap, and it's already been the best, laid-back day. We normally get together with family, but my parents were out of town and Devin's sister just had a baby (literally days ago!) and his brother and wife are traveling, too...which meant we got to have a really relaxing day of whatever we wanted to do.  It was a perfect summer day!

With the 4th of July being this week, I thought I'd share some of our current summer staples: