Linvilla Orchards in September

12 September 2019

Ah, September, the month of sometimes feeling like summer but it being 100% socially acceptable to do fall things!

Two years ago, Devin and I mistakenly tried to go "apple-picking" (YES, quotation marks are necessary). Instead of delightfully reaching for apples in the warm glow of fall sunshine, we pushed baby Aiden in a stroller (we were dumb) on the bumpy orchard hills, sweating PROFUSELY, and dodging angry hornets the entire time. Not exactly what we had had in mind.

This year, we were determined to be smarter about fall outings. We checked the weather and saw that it would be in the 80s, so even though it may have been more festive to wear our flannel and sweatshirts, we dressed for summer. And we 100% ditched picking apples in between escaping bees!

A Farewell Dinner Party

09 September 2019

Two years ago, I shared this post, about saying goodbye to two couples from our small group at church that we dearly love. And here I am, two years later, sharing another group photo of our precious small group friends as another couple make the move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

As one last event before our friends moved, the small group threw them a little dinner party. It was laid-back (the only style we know), outside, and full of laughter and wild children antics. (As seen in Aiden + his buddy being shirtless, and in all the kids joining forces to push little C in the toy car!)

Currently | September 2019

04 September 2019

September is my absolute favorite--HELLO BIRTHDAY MONTH--but also, the weather is gorgeously warm yet not oppressive, and our mornings at the park with friends are gloriously sunny and uncrowded by older kids and camps!

Do you love September and how it's the perfect bridge from summer to fall? I do. Also. Like I mentioned. My birthday! (I childishly am so excited about this.)

8 Maternity Staples for Every Season

30 August 2019

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I have been pregnant in every single season. I was pregnant with Aiden from March to January, then I was pregnant February to October with Emma. And here I am again, due in January!

That means that I've acquired lots of maternity clothing...And, thanks to my beautiful, stylish and similarly-sized sister-in law, we have a huge bin of maternity clothes that we just pass back and forth which has helped me see all the favorite and best maternity wardrobe staples we need for every season!