Sending My First to Kindergarten

Aiden started kindergarten! 

Devin and I talked through school options a LOT. 

We have strong feelings about how society's priorities are shaping public elementary school curriculums in a way that we don't love. Aiden hated "homeschool preschool" during covid. I only asked him and Emma to do one reading activity and one math activity with me each day, and Aiden specifically really hated doing it. So that took homeschool off the table for me, though I was neverrrr a fan of homeschooling. 

(Spicy take! Thanks to studying English Education 7-12 in college, I firmly believe you should be a qualified professional and not just a loving mom to teach your child school subjects. Sorry!)

But Christian schools are insanely expensive and in a few years we'll have all three kids in school. Do we make Aiden switch to public schools when his sister starts kindergarten because we couldn't afford more than one kid in kindergarten? 

So we landed on public school, surrounding Aiden with prayer alongside staying in tune with what the school is teaching him. 

And he's loving it! He came home on day 1 telling us he made a best friend named Jack, he has bus friends, he loves telling us what "special" class he had during the day and who he played with at recess. (It's also been a great way to meet our neighbors as we walk to the bus stop every day!) We've talked with him about how most people believe different things than we do, how he needs to stand up for what is right, how he needs to speak up if there's a problem or if someone else is being hurt. There's a lot of heavy things we've talked about, not even including the fact he has to wear a mask every single day all day because of a pandemic! I asked after the first week, "Is it hard to keep your mask on all day?" and he replied, "Ehh, it's not a big deal." And it really isn't! He doesn't even take it off when he gets off the bus until I ask him to!

It's so scary sending him out to school every day. But I'm praying for him every day and trusting God for his future in a way that I haven't had to yet. 

How would you (or did you) feel when your first starts kindergarten?

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