Thankful List 2021

I haven't shared on this space in a long time, but I love that, like a favorite book or old photo album, I can always pick it back up and it'll make me smile. And now, I'm wiping the metaphorical dust off the "publish" button and sharing things I'm thankful for this year! 

In previous years....

This year, I'm really thankful for...

  1. The goodness of God, even in: big pandemic-level challenges, very real mom fears of failure, the unknown.

  2. Devin and how hard he works for this family: at his regular job, at side projects renovating people's homes, at folding the laundry because I loathe doing it and thus rarely do....

  3. Aiden, and how much he loves kindergarten. It's such a confirmation that we're doing the right thing, after attempting to do "homeschool preschool" last year and him HATING every moment of it. I'm so thankful he comes home excited to show us the exact same things I tried to get him to do last year that he hated then and now LOVES (it's fine, I'm over it). I'm thankful he has a teacher who replies quickly to emails and encourages him when he felt excluded that one time.
  4. Emma, and how much she loves sparkly things. Without our ever pushing her towards it, she still picks the frilliest, most glitter-covered items to wear every single day. I also love how she doesn't even notice when her glitter dress dips in the mud as she helps me in the garden.
  5. Riley, and how much she loves using the new words she's learning. Just in the past few months, she's learned so many new words/phrases like "I want it!" and "no thanks" and "Aiden do it" and "waffle." I'm so thankful that last year's caution/masks haven't impacted her joy for meeting new friends.
  6. The pool (which I haven't shared about much because it feels so splurge-y but it's something I don't take for granted and have to add because 2021 was the best summer yet!)

  7. The friends who point me to Jesus.

  8. The friends who make me burst out laughing at socially inappropriate decibels.
  9. The friends who, when invited over for a play date, go "Wait, your kid coughs? Mine, too! No, I'm not cancelling!"

  10. Getting rid of THOSE DANG GNATS IN MY 40+ PLANTS.
  11. My mom babysitting every single Saturday so Devin and I can go out, just us. She has invested countless hours in spending time with her grandkids and at the same time, has invested in my marriage. She makes it guilt-free and says that WE are doing HER a favor by "letting" her babysit!!

  12. Still, Target drive-up. Made it on the list last year, made it on the list this year.

  13. Garden fresh jalapeños.

  14. Also, pickled jalapeños. 

What are you thankful for this year?

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