Space for Being Grateful | Thankful List 2018

While the rest of you adorable friends are putting up your evergreen mantle decor and all the lights and stockings, I'm still over here playing Grateful (by Elevation Worship, of course) and talking about Thanksgiving.

I know, lame.

I'm no quitter, though, and because I started the "thankful list" tradition in 2014 (and did it in 2015, 2016, AND 2017), you better BELIEVE I'm back again this year with another one. Plus, how FUN is it that in 2014, birth control and Spanish dictionaries made it on the list.

But honestly, it comes from a place of needing to be reminded to be thankful and a genuine joy that comes from focusing on contentment.

That's my goal in writing out a list of the big and small things I'm thankful for: to see God at work when things go wrong, that I'd remind myself to be grateful, to see the positive, to choose joy in all circumstances. When I thought about writing a "thankful list" again this year, I was worried it would come off as "here are all the products I'm thankful for and items you can buy with *this* affiliate link and don't you wish your kitchen countertops were granite like mine" (they don't) (my countertops are blue Formica, lolz). The real purpose of this list is to remember the little things, to thank God for all he's done, to stop whining and celebrate the good.

Aaaaand along with what I'm thankful for are a few little fall/Thanksgiving things I still have sitting out, to prove that I'm not just all talk when it comes to holding off on the Christmas decor. 😉

So here's what I'm thankful for this year (and I hope you write your own list too!):

My husband who works tireless at his physically demanding job
That Devin comes home and plays with our babies so I can make dinner (even though I know he's exhausted)
The sound Emma makes when she wants me to pick her up
Aiden's elaborate conversations about good guys and bad guys
The feeling of a baby hugging you back
Date nights
Occasional conversations that don't get interrupted by small humans
A warm place to sleep
Fuzzy blankets
A dog that exclusively poops outside even if that means someone (me) has to clean it up before kids can play out there
Friends that are willing to discuss both God and the merits of high waisted pants
Forgiveness when you don't deserve it
How much my kids love being outside
The person who invented pretzels
Also the person who invented soft pretzels
Tinted chapstick because apparently I'm 12?
A church that preaches the actual real Bible and encourages my two-year-old to memorize verses
This song by Ben Rector

What are some things that would be on your "thankful list"? And happy Thanksgiving!! 

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