Currently | November 2018

I missed last month's Currently link-up with Anne, and I almost missed this month's, too, except that I saw Rachel's post and realized it was this week. Yikes! So much for trying to plan out my blog posts during the month ;)

Though I'm still kind of sad that we aren't doing daily walks to our local pool anymore, I've been enjoying fall and consoling my I-miss-you-Summer self with Aldi's pumpkin spice creamer and Trader Joe's pumpkin coffee grounds. (No, no, it's not overkill.) The past few weeks my days have been filled with brunch with friends, trips to farms, and of course the random playground-playdate, which helps me feel less depressed about the fact it gets dark at 5 PM and now I have to stuff kids into jackets to leave the house. ;) This November, I'm looking forward to a friend's wine & cheese birthday party (kid freeeee!), more date nights, and Thanksgiving!!

P.S. That is currently what my mantle looks like: birthday garland from Emma's party that I never took down (tutorial coming soon!), the only pumpkin that didn't rot, and of course, a pumpkin candle.

Currently, I've been...

Friends that listen. No, no. Like REALLY listen. I've got good girlfriends that show me such love through how they let me share what's on my mind, and then ask me insightful follow-up questions because they were ACTUALLY listening. It's inspiring me to want to be a better listener to others!

Vacations. Is that weird? We are thinking that a family vacation in the colder months would be more fun since post-Christmas, things get so dreeeeeary!

All the fall things, like a pumpkin patch birthday party, fall date ideas, and 6 tips for fall weekend trips. (What have been some of your favorite fall adventures?!)

I'm getting excited for......THANKSGIVING. Get your Christmas crap outta my face. (Too harsh?) I'm excited to see my side of the family (we trade off my fam & my in-laws' Thanksgiving every year) all gathered together for Thanksgiving, and I'm really enjoying the song Grateful and coming up with little "thankful" lists. (But you better believe I'll be buying my Christmas tree on Black Friday because if I'm paying cash dollars for that sucker, I want to enjoy it as long as possible.)

Crockpot dinners. I made creamy chicken, potato & vegetable soup on Halloween (which I may post a recipe for soon!) and it was the perfect easy meal to share with friends before we went out trick-or-treating with the kids. Tonight, I've got Christina's white chicken chili in the crockpot!

What have you been cooking recently? What other things have you been doing currently?

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