6 Tips for a Budget-friendly Fall Weekend Trip

What a difference a weekend away makes. Hey, settle down, I REALIZE I'm stating the obvious. But it's the truth. You don't need big fancy vacations to feel refreshed, and even just a little time away from regular life of laundry/work/dishes/responsibilities/rinse & repeat feels AMAAAZING.

My blog friends and I had been planning this girls trip for months, thanks to Robyn suggesting it! Stephanie, Susannah, Robyn & I have become such great friends over the years by reading each others' blogs that we decided to finally meet up. We ended up doing a 3-day weekend in her area of South Carolina since she has the real 9-5 job, and it was the perfect area to go. (Of course, the trip was only made possible for me by my husband taking care of our kids from Thursday night til Sunday evening. He is the BEST!)

It was so much fun to hang out with friends for a few days, that I'm convinced everyone needs to do this.

Tips for an inexpensive, fun girls trip in the fall: 
  1. Do Airbnb, not hotels. It was my first time renting an Airbnb, and though I've heard horror stories of things going wrong, I am now 100% sold on using an Airbnb! Having a fulllllll kitchen setup to cook in, plus getting a whole house to hang out in? YES PLEASE. Plus, the place we stayed had a pool AND was so inexpensive when you split it 4 ways. Sorry, hotels, but you're dead to me. 

  2. Don't buy every meal out. We bought breakfast foods (Poptarts and yogurt and 36 eggs, of which we only ate 18...) and planned simple dinners (like our epic taco night, as seen below, that we happily ate leftovers of the next night!). We bought lunch while we were out and about, but because it was lunch and not dinner, that was pretty cheap, too. 

    1. Explore the great outdoors. See what fall looks like in that area! We spent time at Bald Rock and another scenic overlook, and they were such pretty areas to walk around...and it was freeee. I've also talked about why hiking is the best vacation activity and that's right guys, it's because it's fun and FREE. 

    2. Find the local apple-picking/pumpkin patch places. We had a great time dodging all the relentless hornets that thrive on an orchard! No, but really. We wandered through Skytop Orchard without even paying to pick apples, because they had animals and a cool barn to hang out in. 

    3. Walk around the city. We also visited downtown Greenville, which had free weekend parking (COME ON, PHILLY, LET'S GET WITH THE PROGRAM) and had such parks to visit. Though we did decide to buy lunch + coffee downtown, we could have totally packed our food to save more money.

    4. Roadtrip or fly to a friend who has a car. We flew to Robyn's area, and then she graciouslyyyyy drove us around on our trip. That way, we didn't have to rent a car when we arrived! (And Robyn says it worked out, since she paid for gas & we paid for flights. But you could also split the gas bill at the end, too!)
    Next week I'll be sharing more snapshots of my trip!

    Planning a fall trip with your friends is super easy, and an inexpensive way to take a trip! See all my tips for making the most of your fall girls trip #budgetfriendly #vacation #girlstrip

    What places are on your list to visit? Have you done any weekend trips?

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