worship playlist to start the morning

now that i've been home from work, taking care of this sweet little one, my mornings are a bit slower. after we take devin to the train, we get to go back to bed and catch up on all the sleep we didn't get the previous night. as spoiled as we (i) are to get to sleep in, it's still hard for me to drag myself out of bed and actually put on real pants. (i could nurse him in bed all day. not that i've done that......)

when i was teaching, in no world did i ever bound out of bed and greet the day with a brisk HELLO WORLD. (it was more like gritting my teeth and being all, thank you Lord for this day because you made it and not because i love getting up while it's still dark out.)

do your mornings look like either of these?

hence the need for an encouraging, calm playlist of worship music to put on in the background while you get up to pack your lunch and head out the door (or wipe a baby's throw up off you and paw through laundry piles for a fresh-ish sweatshirt).

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