spring diy projects to try

it's nearly march, and yesterday it was 60-something degrees and sunny so basically it's spring, CAN I GET AN AMEN. i'm so excited to try some of these diy projects to spruce up our house for this new season and celebrate the fact that I WON'T NEED A COAT FOREVER! sorry about that caps. i'm just passionate about not needing to bundle up. you know how it is. here's a spring diy projects bucket list, of sorts:

1// throw pillows 
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i plan on using these instructions to make some fresh, brightly colored throw pillows. mainly because our decorative pillow count right now is at a whopping zero.

2// curtains 
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i already bought fabric for my curtain endeavors but now just need to actually make them for aiden's room. what better way to decorate than with a simple sewing project that may prove to the world that a) i cannot cut a straight line and b) i have never sewn more than a button in my life. woohoo! living on the edge! i plan on using this curtain tutorial.

3// 3d wall art
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i just got some great hooks from d. lawless hardware, and i can't wait to show you how i use them! (although my project might not end up a joanna gaines-y minty green rack. se la vie.)

4// upgraded vases

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this project inspiration is from one of my favorite diy bloggers (go follow her at @brepurposed!!). such a great way to improve simple (thrifted?) vases to fill with spring flowers! 

to see more of my diy project inspiration, follow me on pinterest.

what are some projects you plan on trying this spring? 

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