currently // march 2016

wishing: for spring! hence this list of diys i want to try. i also am wishing the weekend would come sooner because megan is coming to visit!!!!!

craving: this salad recipe, soft pretzels (aren't i always?)...and warmer temps. but i already answered that above.
going: on family walks! bringing jake along makes it interesting because he's a wildebeest on walks and pulls the whole time (thank God devin can wrangle him), and aiden loves all the bumps in the sidewalks. it puts him right to sleep.

wearing: button-downs. makes nursing 100x more convenient. 

learning: that morning routines are helpful (haven't established one yet. usually it's feeding aiden + parks and rec, try and get something done, read the Bible...but even that is a loose sketch.) but i have learned that getting up and dressed immediately helps the day get more productive! ;)

what have you been up to currently? 

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