easy silhouette tutorial // pregnancy recap

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you may have seen my "bumpdates," (like 31 weeks or 33 weeks) which i photographed every other week starting at 17 weeks (when my bump started to show). it really is the easiest way to track your bump's growth in pregnancy, because you don't need to wear make-up/find clean clothes/have clean hair....

do i sound like a gross person? most of the time i was taking these pictures, i would roll out of bed on a saturday, throw my hair up in a messy bun, and get devin to snap the picture before he left for work. (he worked so many saturdays to save up so he could take 2 weeks off when aiden came. worth it!!!)

for this tutorial, i'm going to assume you, too, are setting up bump silhouette pictures.

what you need
a window with sunlight coming in
a curtain or drape for the window, to filter the light
about 7-8 ft. in front of the window
dark, tight clothing to show off that baby bump!

what you do
1// stand in front of the curtained window when the sun is shining through it.

2// position the camera (on a tripod, or on a precariously stacked pile of household objects, or in the hands of your husband before he runs off to work) 6-8 feet from the window.

3// stand 1-2 feet from the window (i marked my camera and standing spots with a piece of painter's tape so i could get in the same position each week!).

4// have the camera focused on the window, not on you. for me, this meant tapping my iphone so that it auto-focused on the window and i could jump into the frame before the self-timer shot the picture!

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