a thankful heart // vol. 2

as i was making the 15-minute walk from the train to school, i was tempted to get all whiny and start inwardly complaining. it was raining and 40 degrees, which is not the best way to start off a monday morning. instead of being grumpy (my natural reaction to having to walk in the cold rain), i decided to tell God all the things i was thankful for in that moment.

here's some of what i came up with:

my raincoat
warm sweatshirts to layer with a raincoat
my umbrella
a warm bed
warm blankets at home
a place to live
shoes that can get wet
a job at a good school
a school that has heat
warm food
money to buy warm food
snuggling with devin
birth control
God's love for me
the spanish language
spanish dictionaries for when i forget the word "shelf" and "to keep"

and so on.

what are you thankful for on rainy days?


  1. On rainy days, and obviously most other days, I'm thankful for the roof over my head and the loving family, who are mostly all safe! It helps put things in perspective when I think about how there are people and children who don't have shoes to wear when it's snowing, or a proper roof over their heads.

  2. That's exactly it! God has been so gracious to me. How could I complain about the cold and the rain?