links i love // vol. 4

it's been a while since i've posted some of my favorite links that are floating around the interwebz, so here we go:

one of my favorite bloggers, robyn, who's also an accountant, posted a really funny and very insightful list of accounting-finance tips. my favorite one: "when a guy asks you to marry him, ask to see his credit report."

danielle burkleo's post that keeps it real about insta.

i've been listening to taylor swift's 1989 (along with half a bajillion other people, yes i know my music taste is unoriginal), and it was so interesting to read this article from time magazine! in it, she answers a lot of questions about her music, and one of the questions was what her goal was for the album. head over to the site and read for yourself what she has to say about her new sound.

this relevant magazine article is on relationships, and it deals with the overused Christian phrases. i almost laughed out loud on the train when i read the article because i'm pretty sure i've used all those before (insert laughing-crying emoji here).

this poetry video is also on dating. it starts off funny, gets so serious, and ends funny again. also the literary elements in there? makes my english major heart skip a beat.

what are some links you've been crushing on recently?

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