thankful list // 2015

happy thanksgiving!

this year, i'm thankful for...

--feeling the baby's kicks during every spanish 2 lesson and before bed and when i wake up. i love the reminder that this little person is growing!

--devin's hard work. i'm always thankful for how hard he works, but especially recently. he's been working almost every saturday for the past 6 months, as we save up for the new addition to the family. not only has he worked saturdays, but he discovered the hazard of our steps to the upstairs, trouble-shooted the craziness of an old house with not-to-code stairs, and rebuilt the whole flight of steps in one day.

--a job where i can sing <<Filipenses 4:13>> en español, where i can play games with my students, and where i have coworkers who are loving and supportive and working towards the same goal--seeing students grow academically and spiritually!

--efficient heating systems!!! we got a gas fireplace in the dining room, so now we don't have to rely on the leaky ductwork to blow hot air throughout our little house. it's wonderful to be able to cozy up to a fire that didn't require chopping wood ;)

--Jesus' unfailing mercy for when i lose my temper, say things i shouldn't, etc.....he is faithful and just and so gracious to me.

--getting to see my sister who came home from college for the first time since august, talking to my grandmother on the phone about life and God and everything else, parents and in-laws who are so committed to seeing me grow in Christ, and spending holidays with people who love me well. (can you believe that by easter i'll have a 3-month old to bring to the family gathering?!)

what are you thankful for? 

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