pregnancy yoga // 31 weeks

i can't believe i'm in the single digits of waiting for little baby hood to arrive: 9 more weeks (til my due date! and we're praying he comes right on time.)

in preparing for his grand entrance to the world, i've been trying to stretch a little more. sidenote: my mom delivered my 12-pound youngest sister naturally, and becky's life was saved because my mom was super limber and the midwives were fast-acting when her chubby shoulders got stuck. so with that, i am hoping stretching and being a bit more flexible will help me, too.

pregnant ladies, have you seen these yoga videos?

i used to look down on yoga like it was the wimp's way to exercise (sorry, yoga-lovers...) because who sits on a mat when you can go outside and run 2 miles? (<--that was my old way of thinking. lord knows i haven't run 2 miles since....field hockey season in college? ha.) but yoga is actually kind of difficult! the squats in this video kicked my butt.

what are your favorite ways to work out?

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