of this i'm sure // jenny & tyler's latest

lately, i've been listening to sunday muse on repeat, only broken up by playing this song when i want a good laugh. now, i've got another new cd to listen to from one of my favorite groups!

i first saw Jenny & Tyler perform at a house concert at gordon college in 2010--and despite the fact my music-loving roommates were too busy to go with me, i went alone and fell in love with the duo's story and sound! (they're a married couple who met at the university of delaware, which is near me, and the rest of their story is here.) afterwards, i immediately ran back and had my friends listen to their songs on youtube. my roommates thankfully got to see them at a different concert, but i take pride in having introduced them to such beautifully harmonized, encouraging music. your welcome, guys. :) 

their newest cd, of this i'm sure, might be their best one yet. if you're into pretty melodies, good lyrics, and harmony, then you'll definitely love this one. one song is a lullaby to their daughter, one song would be perfect for a first dance at a wedding, and all the songs in between are perfect for cooking/writing a paper/driving...pretty much anything. 

my favorite song's chorus goes like this:

a world so full of wonder
full of laughter, full of life
a world torn asunder
aching for new light
in everything you do a choice of life or death to choose
and we will try to show you love
we will try to show you love
             "in everything you do"

have you heard of jenny & tyler? what's your favorite song from the album? 

*i received a complimentary copy of the cd to review, 
but i only have good things to say about it because it really is that good!

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