Christmas Traditions To Start With Kids

devin and i already have some holiday traditions, like how we didn't have a star or an angel for our christmas tree our first year married, so devin stuck a glittery ball on the top of our tree. we still have that one christmas ornament with a hole punched in it that goes on top of the tree each year. with our kids, i'd love to start more christmas traditions!

1// reading the story of Jesus' birth in luke 1-2 as the kids act it out on christmas morning. i remember running vbs's, and the little ones loved getting to be the characters in the stories we read, straight from the bible. plus, this would put the emphasis back on Christ, and less on the presents!

2//  volunteer, whether it's at a local food bank or packing operation christmas child boxes. this isn't necessarily christmassy, since we could serve together all year round. but, with the time off for christmas vacation, we and the kids could spend some time helping others.

3// hosting a family-friendly christmas party. assuming our kids aren't total spazzes and have some friends, it'd be fun to have their friends and the families over to decorate christmas cookies, play christmas-carol-charades, make a mess (the kids), drink christmassy cocktails (the adults), etc.

4// christmas caroling. do people still do that?

5// take ridiculous family pictures. i'm thinking we all get wild thrift-store sweaters, throw some glitter in the air, and see who doesn't get it in their eyes just as the timer goes off on the camera. maybe we could even go the staged route one year and set up a scene from home alone. who wouldn't want that on a christmas card?

what are some christmas traditions you have started or would want to start with your kids? what are some holiday traditions you already have? 

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