things to do in the waiting room // 32 weeks

i failed the one blood test that test for gestational diabetes, so i have earned myself a spot at a blood-work center on a saturday morning. i barely even know what gestational diabetes is, except that it's something about how growing a child makes my blood sugar/insulin outta wack which can result in an enormous baby (because my body will send too much sugar to the baby? something like that).

the first test, done at my doctor's office, was an hour. this one? 3 hours, where i chug a sugary drink and get my blood drawn every hour to see how my body handles the sugar.

so, here i am, sharing my tips of what to do if you, too, have found yourself in a waiting room (although hopefully you won't be kept waiting for 3 hours. like me. womp wompppp.)

1// bring a book. duh. i've brought the husband-coached birth on the bradley method, because up til now my birth plan was "wing it and try not to get an epidural." but i might as well do some research, right?

2// subtly people-watch. one older patient, when called back and asked, "how are you doing today?" responded with "i've never had a bad day a day in my life." what a great perspective!

3// grade papers! #teacherlife

4// mentally plan out the next festive event (in this case, christmas! i'm thinking up gift ideas while i wait, and i'm keeping track of them on a note in my phone.)

5// knitting? writing thank-you notes? plan ahead and bring along something simple and easy to carry.

6// tweet me. especially if you're reading this this morning--hallppp, i'm fighting boredom with these lame suggestions.

7// read your Bible! made easier by the youversion app, in case you forgot to bring along your actual Bible.

what do you usually do when you have to wait? 

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