sister time

the night before i left for my freshman year of college in massachusetts, i remember sitting in the kitchen with my mom and my younger sister, lisa. she was just going into 9th grade, and with tears in her eyes, she told me she was going to miss me.

that's exactly how i felt this past august when she left for college in nashville. my little sister, going off to be a grown-up college kid? who was i going to see concerts with, and go thrift shopping with, and discuss new worship songs with? (turns out you can still do that last one via text/facetime.)

we spent a whole day together over her thanksgiving break, and we quickly settled in to our old habits: doing not a whole lot and having lots of fun doing it. ejemplo número uno: thrift-shopping for over an hour as we shared stories and feedback on whether that chunky sweater is ugly or not. ejemplo número dos: i had cookie mix and pumpkin filling, and we couldn't decide what pumpkin-spiced baked good to make, so we went to the grocery store with 6 recipes in mind...and then stood in the baking aisle for 15 minutes discussing our options before just deciding to head back to my place and make pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies with the ingredients i already had. ejemplo número tres: our conversation about the lead singer of our favorite band, relient k, that went like this: matt thiessen got married! really, to who? wow, his wife is hot. and look at her wikipedia page! she produced so many hits! ooow, look, their wedding registry. we can see wedding photos on my [lisa's] facebook because we have a mutual friend!

i'm only partially embarrassed to admit that i know what salad tongs matt thiessen registered for from anthropologie.

i didn't get to see her from mid august until the week she came home for thanksgiving, so by the time she came home it was an epic sister reunion. which of course, along with the thrift shopping, baking, and band-stalking, included lots of pictures:

it spoiled me, having best sister-friend only a 15-minute drive away. there's nothing like distance that makes you appreciate having loved ones closeby! this girl is goin' places (like south america for study abroad, for starters), so i'll take whatever time i can get. can't wait til she's home for a month for christmas break! :)

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