homemade tea for a sore throat

before thanksgiving, i got a terrible sore throat and heard this recipe from someone on how to get rid of it without all the processed chemicals of store-bought products. (do i sound like a hippie yet? it's pregnancy! i don't want to feed my little in-utero cutie all the harmful things! this will also probably go in the category of "things i'll laugh about when i'm tossing him cheezits because 'the five-second rule is real.'")

but whatever, it's flu season and everybody's dropping like flies, so here's my new remedy for when you do start to feel sick.

what you need
ginger root
a small pot
a cheese grater
a strainer

what to do
--grate the ginger and lemon rind into a pot. go crazy! no need to measure out the grated ginger/lemon zest.

--rinse the grater over the pot so any last particles make it in there. 

--fill the pot with water and bring to a boil.

--breathe in some of the steam (from a safe distance!)

--after about 20 minutes, pour the suuuper hot liquid over the strainer and into a large container. you don't want any chunks in your tea! 

--while it's still hot, put lots of honey in it, until the taste is tolerable. (don't you love my precise measurements?) you can squeeze extra lemon juice into the tea, too.

--from the large container, you can pour yourself a cup of tea and save the rest for later. 

and there ya go! homemade tea that is like ginger snaps on steroids and will make your sore throat go away. what are your go-to remedies for a sore throat? 

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