33 week bumpdate

these past few weeks, i've become really impatient for the little one's grand entrance. i feel like someone from the glad trashbags commercial should be following me around, going "hefty hefty hefty!" as i waddle from place to place.

walking from the train to school takes longer (and "speed-walking" is impossible), trying to roll myself out of bed takes lots of effort, and i think my feet are starting to swell because at the end of the day my teacher-flats feel a little tight.

also, we've got his name all picked out, the nursery mostly ready, the stroller assembled, and i've read 50 pages of one birthing book. so basically we're SUPER ready. ;)

(also don't ask me if i'm taking a birthing class because i may or may not take an overly long time to explain that "practicing deep breaths" and "thinking happy thoughts" is not helpful when i'm in a relaxed, un-dilated, not-laboring state. and any info presented in a birthing class can be found online. #feelingrebellious.)

last time i went to my midwife for my 32 week appointment, i got on the scale and was so shocked and disoriented by the number i saw that i forgot to give a pee sample. not that i care necessarily about gaining pounds, since i've been fairly active (read: done yoga more than 3 times) and have been eating somewhat healthy. but i was like, WOAH WHAT IS THAT?! when i saw the number pop up. ha.

baby hood, we're so excited for you to be born! feel free to keep mooching and getting nice and chubby, but pleeease plan on sliding right out on your due date. thanks in advance, little guy.

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