diy wooden christmas sign

since we're always working on the house, we've got scraps of wood laying around that are just waiting to become my next diy project. (half the time devin goes to throw something away and i'm like, "no don't! i'm going to make something with that!" he usually rolls his eyes, knowing that i'll never get around to it...but alas! here i am, having made something with a scrap of wood he saved!)

what you need:
any piece of wood, any size
paper towels & gloves (or a plastic bag #realfancy)
fine grit sand paper (i used 220 grit)
latex paint (i used some from an old paint sample)
an old make-up brush

what to do:
1// sand the piece of wood a bit so that the stain gets absorbed.

2// put on your gloves (or makeshift gloves, like the plastic bag on my hand) and dip a paper towel into the stain, streaking it across the wood. is it weird that i kind of like the smell of wood stain?

3// when the stain has dried, sketch out what words you're going to paint, using a pencil.

4// with the make-up brush, apply a thin coat of the paint to the pencil-drawn letters. it's easy to make the lines thicker afterwards, but start thin. if you mess up, don't worry about it. just grab that sand paper and (once the paint has dried!) sand away your cares mistakes. and don't worry too much about the chunky brush strokes that show up! that's what step 5 is for ;)

5// when you've finished the lettering, wait for the paint to dry (or use a hair-dryer if you used alot of paint and are feeling impatient!), and then gently sand the letters. this evens out any visible brush strokes and makes the sign look more distressed (a.k.a. something joanna gaines would use).

i admit that my "j" looks kind of funny, but #yolo and also i don't care enough to fix it haha.
what word(s) would you want hanging in your house for christmas? what's your favorite hand-made christmas decoration? 

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