christmas at the hood house // 2015

last year i shared some of our christmas decorations, but we've rearranged since then (and this year have a way bigger tree). feel free to compare the living room tour to our low-key, decorated version of the living room!

the wood slice above is from our very first christmas tree...way back in 2012 when we got married! the stocking hanging up on the window-mirror is jake's, but usually his rawhide bones are just under the tree :) 

the tiny stockings don't hold much, which means it's easy to stick to our "stocking stuffer budget" haha. the nativity set was a gift from a friend for baby hood, and the "joy" sign i made myself

also, it's CRAZY to think that for our first christmas married, the living room looked like this!

(notice how there's no drywall, the nonexistant drywall isn't not painted, and there's old carpeting? we even used a random piece of wire to hold the top of the tree up, and since the walls weren't done, we just nailed the wire right into the old plaster!)

what are some of your favorite christmas decorations?

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