Around The Tree + Holiday Style

*We received a complimentary watch from JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are honest. Of course. Enter my giveaway here to get $100 off any watch!*

Hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving weekend! One of our Thanksgiving weekend traditions is to get a tree and decorate it; if I'm going to pay cash monayy for a real tree, I want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible! (But you all knew I am a cheapskate, so that logic shouldn't come as any surprise.)

We picked out our tree Friday night and got it all set up so that Saturday morning, we could start in with the decorating. Aiden started right in with pulling out the ornaments and started hanging them........mostly on the same branch. We added some lights, turned up the Christmas music, and had a blast, playing with the kids and decorating the tree.

After a while, Aiden decided it was time to play with the extra ornaments, and Emma only wanted to eat veggie straws. Or sit on her dad's shoulders.

Devin let Emma ride on his shoulders first, and then of course Aiden wanted a turn.....and then Devin bet he could carry ME on his shoulders. He could. Those carpenter muscles are no joke. 😂 Despite the fact I felt too tall to possibly make a safe dismount, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

He's such a sweet dad and fun husband, and his JORD wood watch is the perfect accessory for his holiday style. (Guys, I'm serious. We're JORD obsessed over here.) Devin's look has always been classic, with lots of solid-colored shirts and timeless accessories. It's one of the reasons JORD watches fits him so well. It's not a strange, funky, artsy accessory that will only be in style for 3 minutes: these are watches he'll enjoy for years, especially this year as he dresses up for holiday parties and Christmas events with his new watch. I talked about his LOVE for JORD watches over in this post, and since then, he has gotten nonstop compliments from people on his previous JORD watch. (You can see his 2016 watch just below, and after that is his newest JORD watch.)

You may have noticed a few things: we have the opposite of a Pinterest-perfect tree. We've got colored lights, mismatched, sentimental ornaments. Our living room is a ridiculous shape, so this tree is tucked into a little corner. Some of our photos are grainy, and you can see the outlet in them (which you'll NEVER see in a pro's styled home decor photos. How do they hide those outlets?!)

But did any of that actually matter as we hung out together? Not one bit. These snapshots are of real life, comfortable weekend outfits, visible outlets because DUH we had to plug in the Christmas lights, and genuinely enjoying ourselves. Real life might not be picture-perfect, but don't wait til it is to gather the ones you love, put up some holiday decor, and laugh together.

What Christmas traditions do you love? Which JORD watch is your favorite? Enter my giveaway to win $100 off a watch!

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