Ways To Be A Cheapskate Like Me

You may have seen my admission yesterday that I'm all about our grocery store's dozen donuts for $2.24. (So what if I'm not choosing exactly which donuts go in the box and the box of them expires in a few days? They never last long in our house anyway!)

Admittedly, I'm a cheapskate. It's not that I don't like to be generous; I'm taking a page out of my grandfather's book and am going to be frugal SO THAT I can be more generous. (He lived simply and gave generously, and he & my grandmother even hosted a Ukraine refugee family of 15 in their house for months.)

It's not even about what our bank account looks like--we could be legit millionaires and I'd still be beating down the door of our local thrift stores.

This cheapskate life may not be for everyone, so if this is not at all you, sit back and laugh with me at my tendencies that simultaneously a) save money and b) drive my husband crazy. ðŸ˜‰ 

1. At the grocery store: Maybe couponing is too extreme/a waste of time?, but the Target cartwheel app makes it easier. Also, I almost always buy generic brand groceries. (Though, I had to stop buying fat free milk because Devin said it was like drinking water. But it's cheaper! Which almost makes it taste better!)

2. Thrift stores: My friend Olivia would be proud of me for not adding to America's quick consumption of fashion. Buying clothes to re-use is basically helping the environment, right?

3. Groupon. Which I've already mentioned here (for date nights) and here (on shopping with a baby).

4. Summon all your willpower when taking long strolls through Ikea. Or Target. Or whatever your favorite store is. Ikea makes me want to redecorate and buy all the things.

5. Turn off your lights and turn down your heat when you're not home. My poor college roommate got the lights shut off on her ALL THE TIME because out of habit I would hit the lights as I left the room. (And then I'd come running back in like, OMG SORRY MALLORY!!)

6. Borrow books from the library (on your e-reader or real paperbacks!). If you read for fun. Which post-college I absolutely did not. Nursing a newborn made me get back into reading though!

7. FREE STUFF. The only thing better than cheap is free. I signed up for Influenster, and they send you things to review, like the mascara and eye liner pictured below. I'm excited to use them, since I needed both of those things!

7. Don't get that extra guac at Chipotle. It's going to cost a dollar extra! Do you know what that dollar could get you?! (Nothing. Probably nothing. So maybe you should just get the guac. I don't think anyone's trip to Hawaii was funded by their turning down Chipotle guac.)

Do you do any ridiculous things to save money? No? Just me? ðŸ˜‚ 

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