Present Wrapping: Tips + a Playlist

Are you already done all your wrapping? If so, that is a DEFINITE keep-it-to-yourself-er because I am not even done my Christmas shopping yet, let alone all the wrapping. Clearly, I like to live on the edge. 😉 

If you're like me and still have some wrapping to do, here are a few things to make it easier and more fun!

1. Forego the expensive wrapping papers. They look cute, but on Christmas morning it will take 0.3 seconds for them to be balled up on the floor. Instead, check out Dollar Tree's selection of wrapping papers! They have lots of really cute prints and solid colors.

2. If you have the time, hand-made gift tags are a cute addition to a wrapped gift.

3. Place square/rectangular gifts on an angle of your rectangular cut of wrapping paper (see picture below). It takes less paper when you wrap gifts this way, which my husband learned last year at 7pm on Christmas Eve when he was watching youtube tutorials of Japanese women wrap gifts because he thought he was terrible at gift-wrapping. (Devin, if you're reading this, it's the thought that counts! 😉 )

4. Listen to music while you wrap! Last year I shared this fun mix of serious and silly Christmas songs, and today I'm including a more mellow playlist of Christmas music so you don't have to listen to Michael Bublé on repeat.


Do you have any tricks for wrapping presents? Did you have all your gifts already wrapped back in October? (Trick question because I don't actually want to know if that's the case 😉 ) 

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