Mint Hot Cocoa Cookie Cups

This link-up was Jacqui's idea, and I am SO excited to be co-hosting with AudreyJacqui and Jenna. Make sure to check out their holiday recipes and link up your own (new or old--we want to see it!). 

My sister and I had a great time making this winter-y dessert while listening to this Christmas playlist and talking about all the things she's been up to on her Christmas break. (DID I MENTION I AM SO HAPPY SHE'S HOME FROM STUDYING ABROAD. Oh wait, I did. Here on Instagram.)

What you need: (makes 12 hot cocoa cookie cups)
--butter for greasing the muffin tin
--white sugar in a dish (so the cookie mix doesn't stick in the tin)
--premade peppermint cookie dough! (though any cookie dough would work)
--1/3 heavy whipping cream
--1/2 cup chocolate chips in a mixing bowl or mug, set aside
--about half a packet of instant hot chocolate
--small marshmallows (we cut ours in half to make them even smaller!)

What you do:
1. Preheat the oven to 375.

2. Grease the mini muffin tin with butter.

3. Shape about 1 tablespoon of cookie dough into small balls, roll them in sugar, and place them in the mini muffin tin.

4. Bake for 12-14 mins. (No worries if your cookies look like they are puffed up. Ours sunk into "cups" as soon as we took them out of the oven!!) Let cool completely before removing from the muffin tray.

** Theres no time crunch to fill the cookie cups with chocolate. You can bake the cookies, walk away, come back, and then add your chocolate filling. If your chocolate filling doesn't turn out right, you can just try it again while the cookies sit off to the side.**

5. For the chocolate filling, bring the 1/3 cup heavy cream to a boil in a small saucepan while stirring.

6. Once boiling, add the half packet of hot chocolate and stir until it dissolves.

7. IMMEDIATELY pour the boiling chocolate liquid over the 1/2 cup chocolate chips in a mug (or mixing bowl). Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and then stir until the chips are melted.

**My house was FREEZING so our chocolate filling chilled too quickly, so we simply stuck the mug near the hot oven until it warmed back up. If it fails, just start over or reheat the mug :) **

8. Fill the cookie cups with the chocolate filling and sprinkle mini marshmallows on top!

The blogger I got the idea from used pretzel pieces as handles, attached using white chocolate. If you are that intense and fancy, more power to you! I'll be over here with my handle-less cookie cups.

Easy peppermint cookie "cups," filled with hot chocolate-y goodness // via @ahopefulhood

And now, the link-up! I can't wait to see all the inspiring holiday recipes that I'll inevitably be trying from now until Easter.

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