Currently // December 2016

I legit wrote "November" in my post title at first. Wow.

I'm writing this in our dining room, with our real tree is making the house smell like a pine forest (instead of a smelly rain-soaked dog 😉) and our (gas) fireplace warming me up. It's basically magic.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Doing: yoga. Jk. Exercise is for the birds. I've been doing Christmas movie nights with my husband each night, and it's been SO FUN. So far we've seen Home Alone 1, Christmas with the Kranks, and Merry Friggin Christmas (SO funny but def not rated PG.)

Enjoying: 1) my little sister being home from studying abroad in Chile!!! 2) all the new things Aiden can do! He's 10-ish months and is suuper fast at crawling (army-style, still!) and has started pulling himself up steps and such! He and I have gone to some play places and kiddie events near us, which has been fun even though he's still kinda young to fully enjoy it all.

Cooking: crockpot soups. Hello, winter. Do you have any favorite crock-pot recipes? Pleeeease tell me them in the comments below. I'm begging you.

Wrapping: orders from my Etsy shop, Wild Cedar Co. Is it terrible I haven't started shopping for my husband/family yet?! I'm full of ideas, now I just need to execute them! Haha.

Playing: Acoustic Christmas on Spotify. I mentioned it on twitter, but I'm still in love with it!! If you'd rather a more random mix of Christmas music, check out the Christmas playlist I made last year.

Thanks, Anne, for hosting this link-up! I love these check-in type posts, and it's so interesting to hear what other people are up to.

What have you been up to currently? 

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