Colorado Adventures

It's been a while! I've been taking a bit of a break from online things, but I don't want to totally let go of this space. It's been such a fun creative outlet for me for literally ELEVEN years. And I'm not a quitter, so I can't quite totally let go. 

To that end, I wanted to share some really sweet memories with my little family as we travelled to Colorado summer 2021 to see my dad's side of the family. There were 17 adults and 9 kids in the mix! We all stayed on/around my aunt and uncle's house in Buena Vista. We had giant family dinners, family breakfasts, one 4-mile hike that the kids could do, was wonderful. The kids were 1 years-old to 12, and despite the giant gap it was the perfect range. They played hide and seek together, playing outside and walked around my aunt and uncle's pond together. It was the sweetest!
(I talk more about Colorado in this post about hiking with a baby and hiking on vacation!)

While there was lots of extended family time, Devin and I did take some time just the 5 of us to see Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon Park (not the amphitheater one; everyone always asks! haha). 

We didn't spend tons of time in either of those places, but just walking around for an hour or so felt like being on another planet. It's SO BEAUTIFUL EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK. If everyone I loved and my church moved to Colorado, I would absolutely move there in a heartbeat. ;) 

And just for the sake of getting it all out there: flying from Philly to Denver was TUFFF. 2 car seats checked, suitcases, 3 wild kids, plus trying to keep masks on? Nope. Riley was not into staying in one plane seat with my for 3.5 hours, understandably. And while I tried to contain her on my lap, I also got to try and keep Aiden and Emma entertained. (SHOULD HAVE JUST BROUGHT TABLETS, NOT ACTIVITIES AND COLORING BOOKS. Oops.)

What is your favorite place to visit?

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