Snapshots from our Quarantine-cation

 Whew, it's been a MINUTE since I finally hit publish on a blog post! Happy September, I guess?! 

This summer, we booked an Airbnb with a pool in Chesapeake, Virginia and drove the 6-ish hours down for a little vacation, quarantine-style. We had lazy pool days at the Airbnb, we ventured out in non-peak times to Virginia Beach, and we walked on trails near the rental house. 

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Aiden took to the water so well, actually swimming and leaving his puddle-jumper on the side of the pool for most of the vacation! (Unless he wanted to jump in the deep end, of course!)

Emma, on the other hand, wore her puddle jumper PLUS a floatie ring because she did not want her face to get wet. 

And Riley? She napped during morning pool times, ate sand on the beach, and splash a little while we held her in the pool. 

Virginia Beach was fine, but I loved doing Chincoteague beach (Virginia) on the drive down and Bethany Beach (Delaware) on the ride back! We even saw dolphins at Bethany Beach, and everyone wore their masks in the town (LITERALLY EVERYONE, IT WAS IMPRESSIVE!) and their bathrooms were super nice! Does it make me a mom for caring about how good the public bathrooms were? Whatever, I don't even care. Haha!

In order to stay socially distanced, we kept our masks on hand and picked weird times to go places. We went to a playground by a lake at 7 am, so of course it was empty then. We visited the beach at 4pm after Riley's afternoon nap, and it was super empty! Other than those types of outings, we just hung out together at the Airbnb. 

Were you able to get away this summer? 
What trips are you hoping to take (in a Covid or post-covid world!)?

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