Snapshots from Ocean City, MD

Places we went: 

  • Fishing pier/lookout (in the mist/rain, haha)
  • To the boardwalk for long walks
  • The hotel's indoor pool
  • The hotel's outdoor pool (except it was too cold so that was short-lived!)
  • Batting cages/play place for kids
  • Out to dinner on the bay, at seafood places, and on a marina
  • Assateague National Island Park
  • The beach, in the sunshine on our last day!

What I loved most: 

  • Watching Aiden play in the sand, so intrigued by every beach stick (what are those called?) and the way the sand poured through his hands
  • Laughing with Devin at "beach chickens" (a.k.a. seagulls)
  • Finding a Dunks on the boardwalk for morning coffee with a view (are you surprised? We love us some Dunkin Donuts)
  • All the random daytime adventures, like outlet shopping and going to a play place with batting cages
  • Seeing wild horses at Assateague Island National Park and trying not to get wind-whipped by the insane gusts
  • Going a few steps away to the hotel's indoor pool with our baby monitor so Aiden could fall asleep in the room. 
  • Accidentally showing up to a super fancy marina-front restaurant in jeans (amidst the chinos-wearing 60-year-old boat owners) and getting an amazing waterfront table while we ordered off the sandwich menu 😂
  • Spending so many days together (....which is now extended, since Devin broke his leg when we got back from vacation

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