Bedroom Summer Refresh

I partnered with Keepsake for this post, but my thoughts & opinions are (as always!) my own. 

Our house has gone through lots of stages...from 1) completely unfinished (a gutted bathroom) to 2) we're living here but it's constantly in a state of huge renovation and 3) things are finished so let's focus on decor! I'm proud to say we're in the "I can focus on decorating aka cleaning up baby toys!" stage instead of "wait not everyone has 5 powertools in their living room?"

Our bedroom was this, then this, and now here we are updating the decor a little...I never really liked the way that Mr. & Mrs. thing turned out, so I was excited to ditch that!


What I did to update our bedroom for summer: 

Clean off the bedside table & shelf. 
Let's just say there was dust, old cups, and some fingernail clippings (oh Lord PLEASE let them just be fingernails) that needed to GO. I'm not sure why anyone would clip their nails NOT over a trashcan, but maybe that's just me 😉 

Get out a lighter bedspread. 
No need for that heavy-duty extra warm winter one!

Use new throw pillows. 
So what if you're the only that sees them? However, in our house, you have to walk through our room to get to Aiden's nursery, so lots of people see our room haha. These 4 pillows were only $5 each in Target's dollar section!

Hang updated wall decor. 
Order from Keepsake! Their app and their site are INSANELY easy to use, and their pricing includes shipping which makes the ordering process so much easier (plus, shipping only took 3 days). I went with the 21x17" Montana Gray, because I didn't want to have to hang more than one thing above our bed. The frame has so much detail in it, and my pregnant weakling self was able to hang it all by myself because it was so light.  Use code hood15 for 15% off your order. This would be a classy, last-minute Father's Day gift!

Add other colorful accents. 
I added a new citrus-scented candle and plants that don't need lots of light to grow (though I'll probably stick them on the windowsill for sun every so often).

Do you switch up your decor for summer? What are you decorating/renovating these days?

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