Currently // June 2017

Right now Devin and I (+ our trusty sidekick Aiden) are on vacation at the beach! We packed up the car and headed 3 hours south to the exact hotel we went to on our honeymoon 5 years ago, and this trip has been amazing so far. We've been revisiting favorite spots, trying out new restaurants, and taking daily visits to the boardwalk's playground.

The view from our room! 

Here's what else I've been up to currently, vacation edition:

Planning: not a whole lot. We're on the "we do whatever we want, plan-free" version of vacation, where the night before we're like, "what do you want to do tomorrow?" And it's so, so freeing. So far the activities have included a waterfront dinner, long walks on the boardwalk, enjoying the views from a fishing pier, the hotel's outdoor and indoor pools, and the rest of the week we might try out mini golf and a local oceanfront state park! But again, not in a rigid planned way. 😉 

Wishing: that vacation could last forever.

Learning: that Taco Bell is the ultimate digestive tract reset. Need I say more?

Browsing: the outlets, including scoring pants from Gap for only $18. Not for me, for Devin. I'm in my uniform of maternity jeggings and maternity jorts until October. Isn't "jorts" so much more fun than "jean shorts"?

Going: out for seafood since we're right on the coast and I feel like it's way more trustworthy. For our fancy anniversary dinner (read: not Taco Bell) I got lobster mac & cheese and was immediately reminded 1) how much I love seafood and 2) I don't know the best way to get lobster out of it's shell. Sorry to be a mess.

What have you been up to lately?
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