5 Years of Marriage

I've written about our first, second, third, and fourth anniversaries...and on June 3 we arrived at anniversary number 5.


We're old. And if that doesn't make us old, having 2 kids by our 6 year anniversary definitely makes us old. 😉 

Here's a look back at what we've done this past year:

1. Keep up the Friday Date Night tradition, which recently has included Aiden + me cheering Devin on in church softball and then ordering in (spicy wings, all the time) and watching a movie at home. It's the best.

2. Celebrate my 25th birthday in September, Aiden's first birthday in January, and Devin's 25th birthday recently in May!

3. Travel to Colorado for the best hiking/family time ever (also proving you can travel via plane AND hike with a 6-month-old)

4.  Remodel our only bathroom in only one day! (See before & afters here)

5. Still laugh at everything together, from Parks & Rec to the antics of our one-year-old...including laughing at our own SUPER lame but wildly hilarious (to us) inside jokes.

6. Try new restaurants, visit new places (like Peddler's Village), spend time with new and old friends...

It's been such a great year, and I can't wait to see what next year holds!

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