20 weeks // Baby #2

Thanks, PinkBlush, for sending me an item to review. As always, these thoughts are my honest opinion. 

Today I'll have my first ultrasound and get to see the little guy for the first time. I'll make sure to have tissues on hand, thanks to tearing up at the first ultrasound with Aiden 😉  (sentimental mom problems...)

I'm halfway through this pregnancy with baby #2, and I can't believe how quickly it's going. This little baby didn't give me any morning sickness, unlike Aiden...(thanks to him, I started my days of teaching with ginger ale, crackers, and a prayer I wouldn't barf again). 

The main difference between the two is that this time, I'm not wondering "what is life with a baby going to look like?" Instead, I'm looking forward to life with two little boys, and I can't wait to see how they'll play together and make each other laugh. I'm praying they get along, that they grow up loving each other and loving Jesus, that they don't break too many bones in their wild adventures. Devin and I have LOVED watching Aiden learn new things and laugh at little jokes like "stinky feet? oh nooo, stinky feet!", and we can't wait to see what life is like with two little boys. 

Another difference between the two pregnancies is that I'm enjoying being pregnant in the warmer weather, and that means short sleeved dresses! The one I'm wearing in the photos is from PinkBlush, and is cinched only on one side (which means there's no awkward flabby fabric against your back!). It's super comfortable and would match with a ton of stuff since it's a solid color! 

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