Simple Tips for Keeping Plants Alive

Happy SPRINGGGG! We've had some sunny, 65 degree days and it feels GLORIOUS. And what better way to make social distancing/quarantine feel more springy than to bring some green inside, too?

It's no secret I'm plant obsessed: Propagating plants for beginners and these 3 plants for people who think they can't keep plants alive.

I've accidentally stumbled into having so many plants.....and keeping them alive. Through trial, lots of error, and googling things like "what does it mean when your ___ plant has yellow leaves?", I've been able to keep new plants alive. Here are a few things I've learned.

Tips for keeping your houseplants alive:
  1. Move your plant to a new spot if the leaves look like they are losing their color or turning brown. These plants do fine in low-light places, but if for some reason the plant's color is fading or the leaves are dying, try it out in a new place close to a window. Chances are, the plant will bounce back and you'll have a healthy houseplant again! Right now I'm battling it out with one of my Pothos that looks wilty, but moving it into different spots in the house is helping. I hope. 😉 

  2. Create a reminder in your phone to water your plants. Pick a time you're usually home, and then set it for twice a week (like Monday and Thursday). That way, you will be less likely to forget to water them. 

  3. Fill the pot with gravel/small rocks at the bottom before putting dirt in the pot. At our old house we had some rocky areas of the yard, so I would literally smash rocks from my yard with a hammer until they were small pieces. Then, I would put about 1" of smashed-up small rocks in the bottom of a pot before I added the dirt + the plant. (I've since purchased some gravel like a bougie plant mom but would go back to the use-rocks-from-my-yard if I could!)

  4. After gravel, add some planter charcoal which helps with drainage so your plant's roots don't rot. 

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Do you decorate for spring? What spring things would you add to your decor this year?

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