Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

As soon as you walk in my front door, the secret is out: I am trying to turn my house into an indoor jungle. Personally, I don't think it's crazy to have thirty-one plants in your downstairs. That's super logical and my living room air must be super fresh, right? Right.

I love keeping indoor plants alive (not outdoor plants, that's different and hard and no thanks)......but I am also a self-proclaimed cheapskate who doesn't want to spend lots of money. While the exotic, tropical plants are fun (like my living room palm tree in this Instagram post), they are also hard to keep alive and if it dies, then the money I spent on it was a bit of a waste.

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So if you're looking for plants that won't be a huge money-waster, or if you claim to have a black thumb: these plants are for you!

The other incredible thing about these plants is that you can TURN THEM INTO MORE PLANTS. That's right. You buy one, and a few months later you can have lots more. But more about that here!! Let's start with what the super easy plants are.

My favorite unkillable indoor plants:
  1. The spider plant. This little guy can grow to be huge with time, and it is very forgiving. I water mine every few days, but they have survived when I forget to water them for a week! I have spider plants in my living room (which gets lots of sun, pictured here!) and in my bathroom (which gets zero sun, pictured here). 

  2. Pothos, or Golden Devil's Ivy. This guy might be my favorite. I have them all over my house! They do well in indirect light, which means don't let the sun shine straight in the window and onto its leaves. But then again, they're resilient so if you start to see multiple leaves turn full yellow, just move it to a different spot. 

  3. Philodendron. This is another plant that will drape down over the pot, like the Pothos. You can see it hanging in Riley's nursery, where it barely gets any sunshine (since I like to keep the blinds closed for privacy!). I've gone a full week without remembering to water it, and they are still growing new leaves, which wouldn't happen if they were dying!

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Are you really into plants, too? What are some plants you like to have around?

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