DIY Succulent Garden

Things that make me feel SUPER accomplished: tricking a toddler into eating a vegetable, doing a 20-minute post-partum "workout," and keeping plants alive. I have a whole bunch of succulents, but not because I buy one every time I'm at Home Depot (and believe me, I want to!!!). I have only bought three $4 succulents (so for those of you keeping track, that's $12) and here I am with more succulents than I know what to do with.

How do I get my little plants to keep growing? It's so easy: I keep cutting off new sprigs, the tops, or even a random leaf and sticking it in dirt. Dirt that I got from my front yard. Not even fancy, succulent-ready organic composite dirt. Nope, nope, nope. Stick anything you cut off of a succulent into front-yard dirt and it will grow roots. If for some reason it doesn't (your STUPID DOG knocks the planter off the windowsill, you forget to water it for 5 weeks, you left it in a dark corner with no sunlight, etc.), you just try it again.

Ok, here's the step-by-step:

  1. Buy a cheap succulent from anywhere. 
  2. Let it take root in a medium-large planter so its roots are nice and strong. 
  3. In the new pot, add small rocks (I smashed big rocks with a hammer for my tiny Oak + Oats planters!) and some dirt. 
  4. Cut off a leaf, the top, and/or a new sprig that grows from the main stalk. 
    • If you pull a leaf off, just lay it on top of the dirt. 
    • If you cut the top off of a tall succulent (see below), stick the newly cut piece into the dirt. 
    • For a new sprig growth, same thing: stick the bottom of it in the dirt. 
  5. Water it immediately. 
  6. Put it in sunlight. 
  7. When the soil feels dry, water it a little more. Don't add too much water...usually just a few tablespoons for a medium-large pot works!
  8. Keep repeating the process to grow even more succulents! The cut-tops regrow and look AWESOME (see below!). 

DIY Succulent Garden // a step-by-step guide of how to grow more succulents from one plant!

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