Slipcover Sofa Perks

2 hand-me-down couches later, here we are with a brand new couch. It isn't 30+ years old and hasn't had a fluffy German Shepherd sleep on it (which he's never been allowed to do! But he's a rebel!). Here's the first old couch and the second. On Christmas Eve hours before my family came over, Devin and I randomly were like, "Let's get a new couch.....ok, why not?!" We'd been saving up for other house projects but on a whim, decided to splurge on a new couch that isn't like 32 years old!

Why we went with this Ikea slipcover couch:

  1. We wanted it that day (no waiting for shipping/ordering it!)
  2. Budget-friendly. 
  3. We wanted it to be washable. Hello, we have a toddler. 
  4. Similarly, I can't handle having to worry about things being spilled/drawn/etc. on the couch. Might I mention that worse case scenario, you can get a whole new cover for $150? Which is a drop in the bucket compared to a new couch. 
  5. We didn't know this ahead of time, but it ended up being SO easy to put together. It took 30 minutes, tops. 
It might be slightly wrinkled right now, but we've only had it a few weeks, and over time it'll get more broken in!

This couch or this loveseat are good slip-covered options if there isn't an Ikea near you.

What are some of your favorite pieces of furniture in your place? 

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