Things Aiden Says, Vol. 1

Aiden learning to talk has been SO FUN (except for when I stub my toe and forget he isn't around. Then I'm not super into how quick he is to repeat things!). So quickly he went from the 18-month-old who only said "mama" to the almost-two-year-old who says "Jakey [our dog Jake] touch Aiden snack"

Here's some fun things he's been saying these days that I'll want to look back on and smile about. And yes, I know that some of them make nooo sense.  

  1. Yelling into his toy microphone, "NICE TOP!"
  2. "Boys club, YEAH!" with a fist pump*
  3. When I pick him up he asks "mommy walk casa?" which means he wants me to carry him around the house while he looks at stuff
  4. Emma nursing="Emma leche"
  5. When I'm nursing Emma and he would rather I hold him instead, his solution: "Daddy hold Emma?"
  6. He calls all snow "snowman"
  7. About Emma's dress: "Emma shirt too big"
  8. Climbs up into my lap and very clearly says, "No eggs, K. Brown!" which is 100% nonsense to me but now Devin calls me K. Brown. So that's fun. 
  9. He'll spill a little water from his cup on me and say, "Llueve! Llueve!" (Which means "It's raining!")

*Boys Club is whenever I am gone/gone with Emma, including worship team practices, dinners with friends, etc. 

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