DIY Herb Garden Starters (that your toddler may or may not love doing)

I really thought Aiden would love this project! He helps me water my houseplants, and what kid doesn't like digging in the dirt?! Well, as it turns out, he was into this for 0.3 seconds and then all he wanted to do was drive around in his toy truck (see below.) That left me posing awkwardly for self-timer pictures. By myself. Holding dirt. Just you're average Tuesday, of course.

Anyway, this project costs like $3 to make, depending on how many seed packets you buy! I saved cardboard egg cartons and just used dirt from my back yard, but of course you could get fancy and buy real seed starter things.

(If you're into the plant thing, which clearly I'm reeeeal obsessed with, you might also like reading my 5 ideas for indoor planters and my DIY succulent garden!)

What you need:
  1. As many cardboard egg cartons as you have seed types
  2. At least 1 packet of seeds for an herb you'd like to grow!
  3. Dirt (I used some from our yard!), sunshine, and water.

Recommended herbs to start with: 
  1. Mint (it's an invasive species, soooo it's easy to grow!)
  2. Cilantro
  3. Rosemary
  4. Basil
  5. Oregano

Follow the directions on how deep to plant the seeds, and then keep them in sunlight and moisten them each day until they sprout! Be ready to transfer the sprouts to bigger pots so that their roots can keep growing. :)

I hope these ridiculous pictures of how we did ours at least make you smile. Aiden's expressions are 100% accurate to how he was feeling: "Why are you standing next to my truck, Mom, I'm DRIVING" and "Can you put my down because I want no part in looking at the planted seeds."

What herbs do you cook with? What would you plant if you were doing this? 

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