Shout-out to all the Mamas

This one's for the mamas. The ones who have nursed babies in Target dressing rooms, who have cleaned up actual vomit, who have convinced small people to eat vegetables. I salute you.

You mamas are strong women, birthing and adopting small humans, supporting them as they grow up. (And to the moms of older kids, you are SO strong for forgiving them for being snarky teenagers that made you want to slap the feisty right outta their mouths. I'm talking to you, Mom; snuggling your grandkids is the reward to letting me live past my SUPER rude teenage years.)

You mamas are selfless. You daily put another person's needs above your own, preparing a snack platter of almonds, cheese slices, and cut cucumbers for the toddler who will angrily flip the plate on the floor because they wanted GRAPES NOT CUCUMBERS, meanwhile, your breakfast is cold and still on the counter. You wash their clothes, kiss their scraped knees, sing them songs, answer their endless "WHY" questions, and you somehow also find time to shower/spray dry shampoo in your hair. 

You mamas are beautiful. Your hard work and long hours might not be glamorous, but the genuine smile and light in your eyes is what gives another mom hope when you see each others' kids both having simultaneous meltdowns. 

You can proudly wear all the Mama gear you'd like, and no one will laugh. (If you're an engineer and you own hats + shirts that talk about engineering, we might laugh. But "mom"-related items? Nope, that's totally cool.) You can eat all the brunch food, you can pick the movie, you can take a deep breath. We're celebrating you. 

Way to go, mama. You're doing great. 

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