Mother's Day gifts that won't collect dust on her shelf

Is anyone else stuck when it comes to Mother's Day gift ideas? It comes around every single year, and we're supposed to come up with something thoughtful that either says "Thanks for loving me even though I was a the feistiest teenager that argued with you about everything" OR something that says "Hey best friend, you're an amazing mom."

This time of year, I see really cute ideas for Mother's Day gifts floating around the interwebs, and let me be the first to say that I love all the pink and engraved things, too. However, it can be hard to shop for someone that already has it all. Whether it's your best friend who's a mama, your own mom, or your daughter who's become a mom: SOMETHING on this list will be a hit, I promise. 

  1. An old picture of you two and why you love it: ok, this might actually collect dust because it's a tangible item, but it's guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. If not only for the fact that your 90s smock dress and above-the-eyebrows bangs are a sight to behold. 
  2. A mani/pedi giftcard. Better yet, make it a quality time gift and go with her to get your nails done! 
  3. A trip. A picnic in the park where you bring her fave foods, a weekend away, a hike with a pretty view, wandering around downtown like a tourist, etc. 
  4. A heartfelt card. My favorites to give are handmade and include a long message with specific details about memories/things I love about the person. (Are you tired of hearing me talk about writing cards yet 😂)
  5. Babysitting for the mama with little ones. Give her very real and specific dates/times that you are free to watch the little one, and send her out to do whateverrrr she wants. 
  6. Target giftcard. That bad boy will burn a hole in her pocket before you can say "Don't spend it on something for the family, use it on something just for you." Is a Target giftcard impersonal? Nope, not when you pair it with a very clear description of why you got it for her in your card. 
  7. Write a silly song with your siblings to the tune of Moms Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, full of things you love about your mom and funny memories you have and how you've forgiven her for making you eat coleslaw as a child. Perform that musical GEM at family Mother's Day lunch or over Skype. 
  8. Her favorite baked good(s). Make it from scratch or spend a few dollars at your local bakery...either way, it's something that will get enjoyed. I don't know anyone who's ever said "That cheesecake will collect dust on my shelf." Hence. It's perfect for this list. 
(2 years ago I wrote this Mother's-Day-inspired post: the kind of mom I want to be....I love that blogging makes it easy to look back!! :) )

What are your go-to gifts for the moms in your life? Or, what would YOU want for mother's day?

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