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This week, we've enjoyed the glorious sunshine and being outside! We've had play dates at the park where Aiden walked up and down the creek (hopefully his shoes dry out!), we've sat out on our porch after dinner while Aiden plays outside with neighborhood friends (it's the sweetest), and I even walked to our local Bible study with my double stroller! Hopefully it's warming up where you are!!

This week, I've been noticing what CUTE ways you can decorate your space for spring (and summer, because, hello, spring only lasts 0.3 seconds apparently...IT'S 91 DEGREES TODAY AND I'M SO SWEATY but like, it's cool. It's fine.) so I decided to share some of those favorites with you!

Here are my 5 favorite spring-y additions for any space: 

  1. Fresh cut flowers. We live near Produce Junction (a local wholesale produce store) and freshly cut flowers are only a few dollars! 
  2. This Hello Spring sign from my Etsy shop (as pictured above!). Or anything that says "Hello Spring" (I won something similar from a giveaway a few years ago, and it inspired us to make a spring sign!). 
  3. A simple embroidery hoop wreath. I tried making one last spring, and wrote about what NOT to do, since I strugggggggled to do it. A year later, and it's hanging in Emma's nursery. It survived. It's fine. It's not great, but it's fine. 
  4. Floral throw pillows. (Or floral anything, let's be real.) This throw pillow cover is SUPER cute, and you can get a $2 pillow from Ikea to stuff inside it! 
  5. Anything from this pin: the chalkboard that says Hello Spring, the bright colors in a neutral room, even the fake plants on the coffee tables. (I remember when I used to be able to have decor on my coffee table, in my pre-mom days, HA.)
P.S. My little planters are from Oak + Oats shop, and the candle is from Target!

What are you loving this week? Do you decorate for spring? 

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