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Today it's going to be 85 degrees, and last week we were outside walking in the rain WITH OUR JACKETS ON. I'm pretty excited for a world where I don't have to put coats on babies before we go outside. A.k.a. Today!

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Currently, I've been...

Devin FINALLY turns 26 this month (I've been 26 since September!) and next month is our SIXTH wedding anniversary!! We have no concrete plans to celebrate either one, but I'm sure we'll come up with something. (Any suggestions?)

A mini herb garden! I'll be sharing more of that later on the blog. I also created this fun list of things you may do or love if you're into plants (like me) (sorry not sorry).

My army green jacket (seen in this post) all. of. the time. I wasn't even sure about buying it last year because it was $20 at Ross and just didn't seem necessary (even though I realize $20 isn't bad!!), but I wear it nonstop and have to actively remind myself to mix it up. So, I guess it was worth it 😉 

The sweetest moments with old friends. I had an old friend randomly ask what I was doing the next day, and we got lunch, walked to the park with the kids, even prayed for each other, and had the best conversations. It was so, so precious! I need to be the person who randomly reaches out more!!

Outside. Every sunny day. That's my goal and we're gonna make it happen. When it starts getting sunny + 70's, I just can't stay inside. When I was a teacher, I'd take my papers outside to grade during my prep periods because staying inside when it was nice out felt like I was doing something wrong! Haha

I'm trying to include a photo of the little ones each month, just for the fun of looking back...So here's 2 more snapshots from our rainy walk last week!

So, tell me what you've been up to lately! 

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