Friday Favorites

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I've been working on getting two blog posts up per week. That's always the goal, though most weeks it's just been one post...and here we are with two posts two days in a row (here's yesterday's tribute to all you crazy plant ladies out there). What can I say, I'm living that wild life haha. When I wrote this coffee date post, I talked about wanting to share "Friday favorites" each week, so here's my first one!

Things I'm loving lately: 

1. Baby bathtime: 
Aiden had "helped" me give Emma a bath a few times, and now he requests "Emma get a bath, too?" when he's in the tub. He is so careful while she's in her little bathtub, and they crack each other up making little splashes. My heart can't even handle it!

2. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie:
I cannot stop recommending this podcast. Knox and Jamie are hilarious co-hosts who "educate you on the things that entertain but do not matter," a.k.a. pop culture. I probably listen to 2-4 episodes per week, even though they only upload one new one per week. I. Can't. Stop. They're funny, they love Jesus but not in a pushy/annoying way, and this episode on the No's of Weddings is HANDS DOWN my favorite (though they're all great).

3. DSW Rewards: 
A few times a year, DSW will give you $10 to spend at their store, no strings attached......and they have amazing clearance shoes + accessories. Whenever they email me a $10 certificate (even though I rarely spend money at their store), I go find nail polish/hair ties/earrings I like for about $10. And then I'm getting it FO FREE. You can't beat that. Plus, if you become a DSW rewards member, they're running a promo where you get $5 for downloading their app!

A blogger friend shared this site with me, and they have SO many cute nursing dresses that I can't decide what I want. I know I shared tips on how to find a good dress you can still whip out a booby in (for a baby, of course! ;) ), but it's still hard to find trendy ones sometimes. Help me decide: do you like this one or this one? (Cast your vote on my Instagram stories, too!)

5. Need to Know:
This book came recommended by Laura in this Instagram post. I was able to finish it in 2 weeks, which is a big deal for me! It's suspenseful to the last page, and the driving factor is that the main character wants to protect her family from Russian spies. I loved it.

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What are you loving these days? Any fun weekend plans?

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