The "Are you a crazy plant lady" Quiz

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Hi, I'm Julie, and keeping plants alive is super fun. That's my confession. Should I be sorry for talking about them so much? Is it normal to get really excited when you see your succulents sprouting new roots and tell your husband to come quick and look at this, as if your own child learned a fun new skill? Hmm, all the questions to consider...

Anyway, while I decide whether or not to tone down my love for houseplants (currently leaning towards not), I've created a quick checklist for you fellow plant enthusiasts. You get one point for every item on the list that makes you nod and go, "Yup, mmhmm, that's me for sure."

The Quiz: 
  1. You're a fan of this cactus shirtthis plant lady shirt, and possibly even this hat
  2. The Home Depot garden section is your favorite (and you can't leave without buying at least 2 things). 
  3. You've watched Fixer Upper and thought, "Pshhh, you think JOANNA decorates with a lot of plants?! WATCH ME AND TAKE NOTES, JO JO"
  4. Pinterest knows your ways. Which is why it's always suggesting gardening/succulent pins for you. 
  5. You'd add succulent stud earrings to your wishlist. 
  6. Real conversation topics include:
    • hey, have I shown you all my succulents?
    • check out how my ___ has grown since the last time you were over!
    • I was thinking about planting some ___...
How many points did you get? 

Let me suggest these 3 easy ones to keep alive: 

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