A Coffee Date | Vol. 1

How often do you get to read a coming-at-you-live post anymore? Everything's scheduled, styled, and replete with tips on how to live your best life. This is none of those things. This is me popping in to chat, while both little ones nap. 

As I sit in the semi-warm sunshine at our picnic table, I'm literally typing into a sticky note on my computer because I lugged out my computer, baby monitor, half-caff coffee and camera (it died immediately)...and apparently our wifi doesn't reach that far. (I also should have brought a sweater because the sunshine looked so inviting but it's actually kinda chilly. But I'm too stubborn to go in. Unless that baby monitor dies, too. Then I'll head in.) 


If we were sitting down for coffee (inside where it's warm or outside where it's sunny & not warm), I'd tell you that my days feel so full and tiring and that I genuinely don't know how working moms do it. I have all day to wash laundry, fold laundry, put away laundry, and yet there was 3-4 loads of laundry waiting to be folded before I sat down to write. And laundry is just one category. Really, working moms: I want to hear from you. How do you feed your families, do all the household stuff, AND spend all day earning real dollars?! Because right now, just the momming and the household stuff feels like more than can be accomplished in 24 hours.

I have so many goals for this blog and fun posts I want to write, like a Friday Favorites series where I share my most recently loved things within a particular category. However, the always-too-short naptime is the only chance I get to grab my camera and try to crank out a post. The Naptime To-Do List (NTDL) also includes reading my Bible for longer than 0.4 seconds, all that laundry, some dishes (though Devin gave me a dishwasher for Valentine's Day and OH MY GOSH IT'S THE BEST), dinner prep, general cleaning...and recently, blogging is what sinks to the very bottom of that list. 

While we sip our coffee, I'd admit again that postpartum depression is hard, and I never saw it coming, since I felt fine after having Aiden. I'd probably tear up just thinking about how emotionally difficult Emma's 2nd-4th months were, where I cried daily under the crushing weight of inadequacy.  Even though Devin gently reminded me all the ways I was doing a good job, I still felt not-good-enough, that I just wasn't cut out to be a mom of 2. 

I'd quickly explain that I'm feeling like my old self again (thanks to my midwife prescribing some stuff to re-balance my hormones), but that it still feels like there's always one ball I'm dropping: sometimes it's skipping my Bible-reading (though that's the only thing on that gosh-dern NTDL that's worth doing!), and other times it's been creative stuff like blogging, too. Being a mom of two is harder than I expected, and it's even harder when I've got that mental checklist of the 67/100 things that I didn't get done that day. (But life is more than checklists and productivity, right? Which is why it's ok that I read Aiden a few books instead of vacuuming up all those dog hair tumbleweeds?) 

I'm hoping that this batch of honesty lets you know you can be honest with me, too. We'd sip our coffee and I'd ask you what's going in your life. I'd try to ask good, deep questions about everything that's going on, because it's important to me that you get to share, too. 

Now I want to hear from you! What's been on your mind recently? 

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